Saturday, September 15, 2007


I've been taking a Vitamin B Complex, a little extra Vitamin B6 and fish oil for about a week now. I'm not sure if I have noticed any differences, but I think I have to give it more time. The fish oil, I had to back off of for a day, because it was upsetting my stomach. It says on the bottle, that I have to take it with food, and that's for sure. After another week or so, I'm going to add Vitamin C. I think every week, I'm going to add something else, until I am taking all of the supplements I want to try.

I'm doing all of this to see if it will help some of what I call "fuzz brain." It's this feeling that I can't quite think very well, and it seems to me, that if this fuzz would just lift off my brain, I could concentrate. I'm sure this is related to my burnout, and is possibly related to adrenal fatigue. I just hate this feeling of not being 100%. I need to be 100% to do well in school, and I'm concerned about that.

I am also trying to be extra mindful of what I eat, making sure I'm not having too much sugar or refined flour products. I'm not eliminating it all, but just trying to have less. I am trying to have more protein with my meals, and snack in between meals on things like seedy trail mix or raisins or whole grain brown rice crackers. I thought about quitting coffee, but I only have one cup in the morning and nothing more. I actually heard a doctor say that coffee is really good at preventing types of cancer, so I'm sticking with my morning latte.

I'm not making gigantic changes. I'm taking it slow, and gradually doing things better. I feel pretty good physically, although I can tire easily. I realize that this would change if I got my butt going with some exercise. We dropped our Y membership (except Joe, who doesn't seem to be using it, however), but I enjoy walking, so I can walk around my neighborhood. (Oh- this is so embarrassing when I know my friend who runs triathlons is going to read this...)

One thing at a time.....


LPDraper said...

Do you drink diet soda? Or anything with artificial sweeteners in it? I gave up Diet Pepsi over a month ago (and anything containing aspartame or other artificial sweeteners) and I no longer have that "fullness in the head" feeling... it is amazing to be able to think clearly again!!

Chelle said...

Good for you going out for walks! Even 10 minutes of activity will make a hooray! No need to feel bad at all.

Also, has some good "no equipment needed" workouts under their health/fitness section. you might want to check that out since you don't belong to a gym. Resistance bands are also wonderful :)

Jodi said...

Hey thanks everybody! You know, I have tried to stay away from Aspartame, because I always thought it gave me a headache. Now I'm wondering about Splenda....It's in my coffee syrup...Dang it! It's so hard to eat healthy!!