Friday, September 7, 2007

Having Teenagers

Being in this stage of life when I am parenting teenagers, is a crazy time. Life has become a whirlwind of activity. My girls tend to want to be with friends A LOT. This means I drive them around A LOT. Tonight, a couple of Amanda's friends came over (a guy and a girl) to take a couple of pictures of themselves for a poster they're going to make for another friend. I came downstairs to see how they were doing, and spur of the moment, I get asked if Amanda can go to yet another friend's house. I asked who would be there, to which the answer was "EVERYONE." Well, of course. Anyway, I was put on the spot, and feeling uncomfortable, yet not wanting to show it. A bunch of things were quickly processing in my brain at this moment. I suppose I could have taken her into another room and discussed things, but that probably would have been embarrassing for me and her. I could have hesitated too much - also embarrassing. My problem was this: the girlfriend is a new driver, and is not yet allowed to drive friends. This left the guy for Amanda to get a ride from. I've sort of had a rule to not allow Amanda to ride alone in a car with guys, but this guy is plain godly and awesome, and I know how much they all wanted to go see their friend who was visiting from college, so I let her do it this time. It all happened in a flash, and I figured I could text her later, which I did. I told her I wouldn't let her normally do that, but I got put on the spot. I told her how much I trusted her, and that she is a very responsible girl. She was sorry for putting me on the spot, and thanked me for letting her go.

It all turned out OK, but it's those moments when you don't know if you should stick to the "rule," or let it go. I just get concerned about not sticking with a rule one time, because they tend to remind you of that the next time, and think they have some leverage. That's when I typically remind them, "this was a one-time deal!"

The thing is, is I have awesome girls. Amanda is particularly responsible, and trustworthy. I think I have to take this into account in those moments, because she has such a clean track record, impeccable honesty, and willingness to obey. I don't want to end up frustrating her, as I felt I was frustrated as a teenager. It's just a fine balance, because I'm a very protective mom....

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Chelle said...

Joys of more reason to pray!

Sounds like you have good kids, and ones who are fun to be around :)

As for being protective, if you don't, who will protect them? I think you are wise in that!!!