Thursday, May 31, 2007

Good morning

What a good morning. I slept in a little, took a shower and walked Benny to the bus. In the warm sunshine. Ahhhhhhh.... Then, I made myself a latte and read my emails. A friend emailed me as an encouragement to remind me that I only have two weeks left of school, and invited our family over for a BBQ and hanging out. That just made my day. To have something actually fun to look forward to is what is going to keep me going, I tell ya.....

Time to go study...

Wednesday, May 30, 2007


I love how the college makes you register for summer and fall quarters when you're barely surviving in spring quarter. Maybe their way of keeping you coming back, is to snag you when you're in a stupor.....Anyway, I've learned my lesson about taking on too much, so this summer, I'm going to take Physics 111, which is a self-paced, 2 credit class. I don't even really have to go to class, except to take an occasional test. Sounds like a good summer load to me. Then, in the Fall I'm taking Anatomy/Physiology and Physics 114. That sounds a little nasty, even though it's two classes. They each have a lab. I hope I'll be OK. I know! I'll just have a ton of fun this summer, so I'll really be ready to get back to work. Maybe I'll get the A&P textbook this summer, and start reading it or something. Yeah, right. Like I'll really do that....

Monday, May 28, 2007

Tooth #3

Wow. Ben is just losing one tooth right after the other! I was actually looking forward to the day when he lost his top tooth. I knew he would look so cute....

Last time, the tooth fairy brought him $2, and Ben begged me to take him to the dollar store to spend it. He got a pirate set (eye patch, hook, etc.) and an Army guy set (dart gun, compass, etc.) I think the dollar store is going to be seeing a lot of him!!

Just yesterday, I showed Ben a tooth fairy website, that made a sparkly, chimy sound when it came up on the screen, with the tooth fairy flying across. He kept wanting to see it again. Then, we printed out a tooth fairy coloring page, which he colored....He wanted to know if the tooth fairy was a boy or a girl. I said it is a girl. (Can fairies be boys? It just didn't sound quite right to me).

Ben posted his picture on our front door to "show it off," he said. :)


Last weekend we had a garage sale. Well, Joe did the garage sale because I had so much studying to do. I put up the signs. You would not have believed the constant flow of people, just from putting up garage sale signs. There are some serious garage sale-ers out there. My husband is the funniest ever when it comes to having a garage sale. He becomes Mr. Salesman. He greets people like he's the owner of Nordstrom or something. Toward the end of our sale, he would tell each person "We've sold a ton of stuff today, so if you see something you like, name your price, and it's yours." He just can't leave people alone! Me, I like to just sit back in a chair, and let the people look at stuff, you know? But Joe - he just can't sit still. He was all sweaty, constantly running around re-arranging stuff in an eye-pleasing manner, and gabbing it up with every - single - person.

I had an entertaining day.

Name your price! Make an offer!

Thank you so much, ma'am!

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Today....The Minutes Seem Like Hours......

Sometimes I wish I had a laptop, so I could start typing as soon as I have thoughts I think are worth sharing......I had a pretty rough day yesterday. For the past several weeks, I have been listening to my Biology teacher lecture on evolution. Now, I assumed I would have to hear this type of material presented. What I didn't expect was the way in which it is being presented! The guy told us that if we did not have an open mind about evolution, that we were "stupid and ignorant." We should all have "open minds and be good, questioning college students." Suddenly, his lecturing and demeanor has changed. He is using brainwashing and intimidation techniques with the class. Yesterday, he said "if there is an Intelligent Designer, then he is either a moron or on crack." I realized how much it has been wearing on me. I got in my car to come home, and finally lost it. I feel so beaten down. So, discriminated against. I got in my car, turned on worship music and cried while praising God. I told Him how much I love Him, and how much I love His creation. I told him He is Wonderful, Mighty, Awesome and everything I could think of. I told Him that His ways are higher than our ways, His thoughts higher than our thoughts. With so many people who hate Him and even deny His existence, I just wanted to bless Him. I thought He deserved to hear some good things about Himself. Now I know why it must mean a lot for God to hear our praises.....

My conclusion is that it is hard to be a Christian in this world today; a lot of people hate God; people of influence desire to use that influence to sway the values and beliefs of the vulnerable....Out of frustration, I asked God if isn't a good time for Jesus to return, because it's all a great burden to bear. Isn't He sick of it yet? And, if He is holding out for just one more person to turn to Him, there just seems to be so many, many more, and it seems like the majority don't even care.....Then, I thought, with the magnitude of it, how could measly, small me make any difference at all? Now, I know all the right stuff to say at this point, like "all things are possible with God," and "it's God who does the work, and we just plant the seeds.." yadayadayada....But, if you really start thinking about it, like I did, doesn't it just seem so overwhelming? Maybe I've been too sheltered from the world for too long, and now I'm exposed to it by going to college. Even so, if my Biology class and this instructor is just a eensy, weensy drop in the huge pool of humanity, what does God think when he looks at the whole world? Does He weep for all the people who are so lost and they have no idea how lost they are? Now, I'm certainly not God, but if my experience with my little Biology class can reduce me to a heap, what does God think or feel? I know He loves the world so much, it must be incredibly painful for Him to see how people deny His very existence, and to see those people try to turn young people away from the Truth. People are so lost, and they don't even want to hear that they are....Someday it will be too late.

Maybe I've rambled. Maybe I've made no sense. All I know is, I feel burdened. I feel heavy. I love God! My life isn't so compartmentalized that I can block Him out from any area - even Biology! He is precious to me. And, when someone arrogantly stands in front of me day after day and insults Him, I am insulted. When my study partner says she believes in God in one breath, and in the other breath says she doesn't believe he picked up dirt and "poof" there was a man - it hurts me. I can't help it. I have a relationship with Him, and because I do, I believe His words to me. And, His Word says He created everything! So, I believe Him! PRAISE GOD! YOU ARE AWESOME! YOUR WAYS ARE NOT OUR WAYS, NOR YOUR THOUGHTS OUR THOUGHTS! YOUR NAME IS HIGHER THAN ANY OTHER NAME! THOUGH SOME HATE YOU, I WILL PRAISE YOU! PRAISE YOUR HOLY NAME!!!

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

3 More Weeks

I am taking a quick break between studying for a math exam and starting to type a Biology lab. Yesterday, I told Joe that I can't do anything except study for the next three weeks. I am feeling a feeling of a bottleneck, where the demands of all three classes are pushing me into this very small space. The good thing is, I will be able to burst through the opening of that bottle in about three weeks when this quarter is DONE!! FLY! BE FREE!! So, Joe and I talked, and he will graciously be taking over some of my usual household duties. I just can't do it all right now, and I'm not going to try. I have to focus and do well in these classes, so I don't have to re-take them! Thank goodness it's temporary...

Oh-one more thing! Benny lost another of his bottom teeth yesterday, and the tooth fairy even remembered to give him some cash. :) She has been known to forget, and then - surprise, surprise! Oh my goodness! She must have left it here instead! That silly tooth fairy....

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Father of the Bride....

Kay and her father (Amanda and Chase)

Kay and her fiancee, Buckley

Kay and Buckley having a fight

Kay on her way to the church

Tonight I will see, for the third time, Amanda's school performance of "Father of the Bride." The first two nights have been so awesome, each one like a different play, really. I'm looking forward to the energy of the last night. In most plays, this is when the cast tries to do silly stuff, so it should be fun to see what they're going to do. Some of the kids are part of a comedy/improv group, so you can only imagine what they have up their sleeves.....All in all, I am very proud of my daughter and all of her hard work. I think the friendships she has developed will be long-lasting, and that makes me happy for her. After each show, the cast gathers in the commons area, where people can talk with them, and it was so cool to see all of her friends coming up to her and telling her how beautiful she looked, and what a great job she did. I love to see my kids experience things like these, knowing what an impact it makes, and what cool memories they will have.........This is great stuff.....

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Barely Treading Water

OK. I feel like I am treading water, with my chin barely above the surface. These classes are killing me. I really didn't expect it to be like this, but it is. And it sucks. I have learned a very valuable lesson to not take three classes (especially with their kind of hours) ever again. It's taken too much of a toll on me and my family. Soon, my opportunity to register for summer and fall quarters are approaching, and I am only going to take one, two credit class this summer, and only two classes at a time from now until I'm done. I have a few weeks left, so if you are reading this and you are a pray-er, you can ask for strength to maintain this pace until the end of the quarter. Also pray that I get half-way decent grades in Biology and Math (they count big time)......

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Really Random Stuff...

Because I'm so busy lately, I think of all these things that I want to put in my blog, and don't seem to get a chance to do it....So here's some snippets of some things...

Snippet #1
There's nothing like....
  • A good chewy molasses cookie
  • Ripe, juicy strawberries dipped in sour cream and then brown sugar
  • Seeing the first goldfinches of the season
  • Hearing hummingbirds buzzing in the backyard
  • Sitting in the warm sun in silence
  • Getting an 85 on a math test, after bombing the last one
  • Having your 16-year-old come up and hold you for a couple of minutes
  • Helping your 13-year-old with math and actually be able to do it
  • Reading books with your 6-year-old in bed and cuddling and kissing afterwards
  • Getting an encouraging card in the mail from a friend you haven't heard from in a long time

Snippet #2

My biology teacher made me cry yesterday. I won't tell the whole story, but he really seemed to be picking on me, and when I was defending myself across the room, I couldn't prevent my voice from cracking, because I was going to cry. I was trying really hard not to, and managed to hold back most of it. What a jerk.....

Snippet #3

Today, Joe and I are going to do some weeding in the backyard. Most of my cool flowers are blooming, but they're surrounded by so many weeds, it's not pleasant to look at. I hope to get my bird feeders filled, so I can start opening up my screen door in the mornings and listen to them.....

Snippet #4

Amanda and I are going to go to the thrift store to find some costuming for the Father of the Bride play coming up next weekend. I can't wait to see it - I'm going to all three performances!! I'm so proud of her and all the hard work she has done, while at the same time maintaining her schoolwork. I have been the most pleased about the friendships she has developed with some awesome kids who also go to our church. She is so healthy socially, it's cool to see that. Sometimes I see my kids act so healthy, I think, "Wow - maybe I'm a pretty good parent!" :)

Well, enough of my snippets for today. Gotta go weed the garden...

Monday, May 7, 2007

My Mother's Day Gift early

AAAAAAAHHHH!! I'm so excited!! This morning, Joe said my mother's day gift is tickets for me and the girls to go see West Side Story at the 5th Avenue Theater!!!! WOO HOO!!! I fell in love with the music of West Side Story in 7th grade choir, and I've only seen one stage performance of it at Carco Theater almost 20 years ago....I CAN'T WAIT!! I just bought the tickets online, and was able to snag orchestra level seating (not super close, but fairly good). The hard part will be waiting until June to see it - but I just bought a CD of the 1957 Broadway performance on Amazon, to help get me by.....Oooh - I can just see the part where the gangs are doing the dance scene snapping their fingers and moving in formation....Oooh-I can just hear the song "Tonight....tonight...." It brings tears to my eyes!!

Sunday, May 6, 2007


I did not take a shower today. Do you ever wonder why we stink in the morning? Kind of random, but I was thinking it. Why do you have to shower everyday to wash the stink off? And, how did they do it back in the pioneer days? I mean, man, Joe is not allowed to even think of getting frisky without taking a shower first. So, can you imagine the smell of those pioneer people?! Eeew.

I didn't take a shower because I cleaned carpet. All frickin' day. Who said it was a good idea to own a carpet cleaner anyway? It took me forever to clean my upstairs, and I don't have a super huge house. In fact, as I was cleaning, I thought I will never buy a bigger house than this. I don't want to clean it! Furthermore, maybe owning a house is overrated with all the work it takes to own one. So, back to the carpet. I was a determined woman to finish my upstairs today, which is quite a feat with three children. After one child bugging me to take her to the mall, and another child bugging me to invite a friend over, I finally made this announcement: "I AM CLEANING CARPET TODAY!! I WANT EVERYONE TO KNOW THAT I AM WORKING VERY HARD TO GET THIS DONE, SO WHATEVER YOU WANT TO DO OR WHATEVER AGENDA YOU HAVE, I CAN'T HELP YOU RIGHT NOW, BECAUSE I AM CLEANING THE CARPET!! FIND SOMETHING TO DO, AND DON'T WALK OVER THE WET CARPET UNTIL IT IS DRY!!" Yes, those are capital letters, because I was yelling. Finally, my kids got it, and left me to my work. I was almost done when I ran out of cleaning solution, so I had to put my stinky self together and run to Wal-Mart, hoping no one I knew saw me looking (and smelling) so scummy. Of course, the "speedy self check out" was not speedy. The people in front of me were actually trying to feed cash into the system to pay for three things, and it took them forever. Then, I get behind the slowest people on the planet while I'm trying to speedwalk through the place. The good news is, I actually got in and out without seeing anybody I knew this time!

Once home, I finished my carpet - whew!! It looks pretty darn good for 9-year-old, builder's-grade carpet. I wish it could stay this fluffed all the time, but in a week, it will all be matted down, I'm sure. On Tuesday, I'm tackling the stairs and the downstairs, and this time, the kids will be at school!! Yessssss.......


I have a math test tomorrow, and a Biology test on Wednesday. I think I might be in pretty good shape for these. I hope. The last tests I took in these classes I didn't do so hot. But, things are feeling better, and working better since last week. Last week at church, our pastor said that he felt the Lord saying the word "grind," meaning for some people, it's life has been hard like you're just trying to grind something out - not smooth. I was thinking: "Yeah! That's me since this quarter started! So, he spoke some scripture, and prayed over those who had this "grind" thing going on. I'll tell you what - God has done something. This week, I've been clearer, managed stuff better and haven't felt so lost in these classes. I feel "on top of it" for the first time since the quarter started. God is so great how he knew that about me, and helped me...It seems like He is always trying to show Himself to us, to remind us of His presence and love, even in the things that we think aren't that important to Him......

Saturday, May 5, 2007

Crap, Dust and Dusty Crap

Sigh...I am just about finished cleaning our master bedroom. For some reason, our room is a way station for just about everything: laundry yet to be folded, junk nobody knows what to do with, paperwork galore and lots more miscellaneous crap. Usually, when company is coming, we do a pretty good job cleaning the rest of our house, but if we run out of time, everything gets thrown in our room. My mom couldn't even sleep in our room when she came to watch the kids, because it was the only room in the house that didn't get cleaned! See - those of you who thought that my house always looks good are finally hearing the truth! HAHA!

Anyway, it's been piling up for some time now, and quite a mess after last week, when we re-did our bonus room and had to find new homes for all of that crap. Guess where the temporary home was for all of the bonus room crap? Yep. Our room. SO! For the last couple of days, Joe and I have been going through everything we don't want in our room anymore and cleaning it. I have to admit that I got a little overwhelmed and a little depressed by the magnitude of it. I had to take a little break before I lost it. But, now, it's almost finished. We still have a bunch of papers to file, and I'm going to go clean the carpet with our new carpet cleaner.

The plus side of all this is: I have a walk-in closet I can walk into and nothing under my bed. There is no more dust, no more crap and no more dusty crap. It feels pretty good.

What I'm trying to do is not get overwhelmed thinking about all the other rooms that need to be gone through in order to have our garage sale in a couple of weeks. That's when I start to get a little depressed and immobilized....Maybe this is another life lesson on "Inch by inch, life's a cinch. Yard by yard, life is hard." I'll try to take it one step at a time...

Oh-before I go, I would like some feedback on how you deal with dust. What's your favorite product(s) to stay on top of dust?

Wednesday, May 2, 2007


I haven't written too much about school lately, because I'm really struggling. My computer class is fine, but Biology and Math are killing me. I don't know why everything's so hard this quarter. I was working hard before, but I was nailing stuff. Now, I'm working even harder and not doing as well. I've been going in for extra help with math, but just when I think I've caught on, we move on to some new material. Ugh....The other day in math class, I literally looked up at the ceiling and prayed for God to help me. I thought: do I seriously have 5 more weeks of this? I don't think I'll fail these classes, but shoot - I hope I can make it...

Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Drive-Thru Life

At church on Saturday night, our pastor mentioned in his message that we can treat God like a drive-thru: "I'd like one miracle, two healings and a side of fries, please." Then, this morning, I read an article about prayer that said the same thing (maybe God is trying to tell me something?). It said that our culture is used to "instant" stuff, like fast food, microwaves and the internet. The article went on to say that our relationship with God is not like microwave popcorn, but like growing a field of corn. I thought to myself: "EEeww. Process. I hate process - it's too slow!" I don't like things to go slow. I get ansy and frustrated. I like things to go fast. I don't want to wait to become closer to God. I don't want to wait for my marriage to grow. I don't want to wait for my emotional healing. I don't want to wait for friendships to develop. I don't want to wait for God to show me what He wants me to do. I want it now......I guess it sounds like I want life in a drive-thru.....OK, Lord. I got it......But, I'm really not sure what to do about it....I have a thought: maybe that's what the Bible means by "resting" in Him. That we're supposed to just sit back, relax and ride the ride, trusting Him that He will be taking us to the next step....Oh! I just remembered something my Biology teacher said yesterday, actually! He said "inch by inch, life's a cinch. Yard by yard, life is hard." Wow - maybe God is trying to tell me something....