Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Isaiah and School

So, I'm way behind in my "Read The Bible in 90 Days" plan. I think it might end up being "Read The Bible in 120 Days," HAHA!! Oh well. It's still pretty awesome to read it in one fell swoop like this. Right now, I'm in Isaiah. Frankly, I don't get Isaiah. I am going to have to read a commentary or something, because I need help getting what in the heck is going on. I know Isaiah was a prophet, and I'm pretty sure there are some "end times" prophecies in there, but I am so at a loss....Ugh! It's really hard to be reading something that I am just not getting.

I mean, some books I have read, I got what was going on, but I would still think "why is this in the Bible?" Like Ecclesiastes. Dude. The theme is basically "Life Is Meaningless." Hello!! Do NOT read that book if you're depressed. And Song of Solomon (or Song of Songs). It's pretty much love scenes between a husband and a wife - really neat (and kind of hot) reading, but I still wonder "why?" I guess you could sum it up by saying that God wanted us to realize that He created sex, too, and He made it to be a wonderful thing. I've heard it said that God doesn't cover His eyes, but rather is probably saying "Good job!" It's kind of funny, but how cool that God gave husbands and wives something so special. Too bad the world has warped it so much....

On another note, I'm starting back to school in one week exactly. I'm looking forward to "getting a life," because I need something else to do. With the kids gone all day, laundry, cooking and going to the store just aren't quite fulfilling. Yesterday, I went to the mall to kill time, basically. I saw a couple of friends (you can't go anywhere around here without seeing someone you know). I got a couple of tank tops and a pair of black shoes at Target. Killing time isn't fulfilling, either. I mean, I need my down time - don't get me wrong, but I also need to feel like I have something with meaning to do. Now, don't go saying that "being a mom is meaningful" yadayadayadayada....The kids are gone all day!!! It's boring!! I want a life. So, school's coming and that's good for me. I'm a little scared about the two classes I'm taking, because they each have a lab: Physics and Anatomy & Physiology. I really hope I didn't screw myself by taking these at the same time. Also, the guy who is doing the lab portion of my A&P class is the same jerk who taught my Biology class Spring Quarter. I could almost go into a depression if I think about it too much. This guys is a complete ---hole. He made Spring Quarter so bad for me, with his constant religious discrimination and intimidation. I'm hoping that A&P is quite different from Biology 101, so there won't be such an emphasis on evolution. If you would pray for me I could sure use it!!


Chelle said...

Will be praying for your classes.

I too, am behind in reading. I believe I am in Isaiah as well. But, funny how views are different. I love it! Filled with promises to be fulfilled, it's amazing to me.

Here's a breakdown of Isaiah according to one Bible commentary we own:

Part One-Prophecies of Condemnation
*Prophecies against Judah (1:1-12:6)
*Prophecies against other nations (13:1-23:18)
*Prophecies of the Day of the Lord (24:1-27:13)
*Prophecies of Judgement and Blessing (28:1-35:10)

Part Two-Historical Material
*Hezekiah's Deliverance from Assyria (36:1-37:38)
*Hezekiah's Deliverance from sickness (38:1-22)
*Hezekiah's sin (39:1-8)

Part Three-The Prophecies of Comfort
*Prophecies of Israel's Deliverance (40:1-48:22)
*Prophecy of Israel's Deliverer (49:1-57:21)
*Prophecies of Israel's Glorious Future (58:1-66:24)

Also according to the Bible commentary on Ecclesiastes, "The underlying theme is that all human achievements are empty and disappointing when pursued as ends in themselves. Many passages in Eccli. appear to be pessimistic and depressing as this statement because they point out the folly of pursuing selfish goals....But the book ends on a triumphant notes as the reader is asked to consider life's highest good: 'Fear God and keep His commandments, for this is the whole duty of man.'"

My interpretation? Apart from God, it doesn't mean squat. But, I'm simple like that.

Hope that information helps. don't mean to be "preaching" at all. But, thought I would share the information I have. Press on!!! :)

Jodi said...

Sweet. That's helpful. I really appreciate you taking the time to do that!!! I think I will print it out. Thanks again!

p & k's mommy said...

My husband and I tried reading the bible in a year. Our year ended last month. We're still in Leviticus. We aren't very good at this, obviously, so I'm SUPER impressed that you have made it to Isaiah. I have a feeling it may be another year before we reach that prophet.