Sunday, September 2, 2007

Adrenal Fatigue

I saw a link to a site talking about Adrenal Fatigue on the "Mad Church Disease" website. This was interesting to me, because, when I experienced burnout back in April of 2006 (when I hit the wall and was basically incapacitated), my doctor had said vaguely, that the stress in my life was messing with my adrenals. He didn't explain that much, but I've always remembered it.

So, as I was reading about adrenal fatigue, burnout was listed there as a sign of severe adrenal fatigue. Interesting. It also said that with severe adrenal fatigue, you can count on it taking 18-24 months for recovery. Not encouraging, but also interesting. The rest of the signs rang true with me, and I'm thankful for this information, because I've been really thinking and noticing in myself that I am not totally 100%.

I noticed it when I was going through the difficulties of Spring Quarter classes, and again, in another personal situation that was stressful. I would feel this heavy-headed sensation with difficulty thinking as well. According to Dr. Wilson, who has written a book about Adrenal Fatigue, these are some of the symptoms. Over this summer, I've just had a sense that, because of the burnout, I am not quite the same. I don't want to be the same again in many ways, and I think that's why God allowed it. However, the physical part of it, I think I need to realize, is still in recovery. I'm close, but I can tell that I'm not quite there.

With Fall Quarter starting soon, I really want to be more on top of my game. I don't want to have to read things 10 times in order to understand it, thank you very much. So, I am going to start taking some vitamin supplements. They gave a list on the site, as well as dietary changes I am going to make. This is my first step.

After I get going with that, I will take another step, and that is exercise. I'll keep you posted when I get to this.

It's amazing how stress seems to be a norm in our society today. Even in the church, being "driven" seems to be so admired. Nobody thinks about the consequences of being that way until it's too late. I guess I wouldn't have found it interesting at all, had I not experienced burnout. I hope I can encourage someone out there to take the steps to avoid it. Google "avoiding church burnout, or avoiding mothering burnout, or avoiding burnout."

Also, here's a couple of websites I found the recovery info. on:

I hope this helps someone today!!


Chelle said...

That is some interesting information! Hope this next semester goes very well for you!!!!

RoRo said...

I'm so glad you wrote about this! The symptoms of adrenal fatigue describe my life so accurately that it scares me. I've was diagnosed with CF at age 18, so exhaustion is just a way of life for me. Doctors I've seen think I'm nuts, and don't really take me seriously, which is highly defeating. It's gotten worse since we moved. I need to make a change, and I'm glad to have these guidelines. Maybe, after years of suffering vague, odd symptoms, something will help.

Jodi said...

Wow. That sounds so hard, especially if people don't take you seriously. There seems to be a lot on the internet about adrenal fatigue, but some say it's not a real "condition." Others disagree, especially this Dr. Wilson guys who wrote a book on it. Anyway, I started some dietary changes for myself and will continue. I'm looking forward to getting the vitamin supplements next! Please let me know how you're doing.