Wednesday, September 12, 2007

My Son

MY son. Yes, MY son has memorized John 3:16. I tried to tell a friend, and I cried. It is the most awesome thing ever. AND, he is excited about it!! What's really cool, is that, this is the first of many verses he will be memorizing over the course of the school year in his AWANA program. What could be better than seeing your child "hiding the Word in their heart."



Chelle said...

Excuse me while I do a cartwheel to celebrate... :)

RoRo said...

That is so cool! My little boy (almost 4) tells me the Bible stories he hears at preschool and at church. It does make me want to cry! I'm going out this weekend to get a Bible storybook so we can read and talk about all the things he's learning!

Jodi said...

How awesome - good for you Rochelle! What a good mom. :)