Saturday, October 18, 2008

Friday, October 17, 2008

I'm On My Way...

I'm on my way to bed, but I had to stop and read my favorite blogs, and type a little on mine.

I'm on my way to a midterm next week on Tuesday in Pathophysiology.

I'm on my way to four MORE midterms everyday the week after next (except Monday).

I'm on my way to having fresh, steam-cleaned carpets come Saturday morning.

I'm on my way to having a toothless dog, since he had nine teeth pulled yesterday due to nasty cavities, and bad periodontal disease.

I'm on my way to sending my oldest daughter to college soon, which is evident by her taking her SAT a couple of weeks ago and planning a trip to Whitworth for a visit.

I'm on my way to Krispy Kreme tomorrow to buy Ben his promised donuts for reading two chapter books.

I'm on my way to gymnastics season, as Melanie went to the informational meeting to kick everything off.

I'm on my way to bed now, because I finished some homework and it's almost 11:00 PM.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

School, Pumpkin Patch and Homecoming

I posted the two previous videos, because they make me laugh so much. I went back to them for another laugh yesterday to relieve a little stress. Laughter is so great for that, isn't it?

I can't take much time away from studying, but I will say that "sonography school" is still intense. I can literally feel my brain forming new brain cells as I ponder the physics of sound waves and try to find my classmate's gallbladder, etc. I am holding on to A's in each class - did I mention I'm taking 18 credits? Yeah. Four classes (one of which has a one-hour lab twice a week) plus a four-hour lab once a week.

Next week is week FOUR, and we have already covered the liver and gallbladder as far as anatomy/physiology, sonographic appearance and pathologies. Then, we practice, practice, practice finding these organs (and others) on our classmates. We have a 50 point assignment of 10 things we must image, and make a powerpoint slideshow out of it. Our four-hour lab time is not enough time to do this assignment, so we must come in to the class on our "off-time" to scan people and obtain these images. Just another thing to do. I feel like a new thing gets added on to our already big list each week. As demanding as it is, I love it. I love studying this stuff (well, maybe not the Physics so much). It fascinates me.

Joe and I took Ben to the pumpkin patch when I got home yesterday afternoon. It was a great break from my studies, and special for Ben. We reminisced about our past visits to this particular farm, and I realized that I've been taking him there since his first Halloween when he was barely walking.

I have pictures of our girls in front of this when they were this age and younger....

Ahhhh...the sawdust pile. What could be more fun than flipping out the front of a plastic boat pushed by your dad? Good times...good times.....Actually, there was this one family who wouldn't let their kids ride the toys down the sawdust pile. They were afraid they would fall. I turned to Joe and whispered, "Isn't that the point?" Our son went home proudly covered in sawdust.

Ben on the tractor.

Amanda went to her last Homecoming dance tonight. Her friend, Brett, came up from college to go with her and a group of others. (Melanie decided that she wants to go to another high school's Homecoming, since most of her friends from junior high go there). Don't Amanda and Brett look so cute?! We had to curl Amanda's hair TWICE. Her hair just didn't want to hold the curls, even from hot rollers. I'm sure there will hardly be any curl left by the time she gets home.....

Amanda and her group of friends went to the "Iron Chef" for dinner. It's an Asian restaurant, where the chefs cook all of the food right in front of you, and they do all this fancy tossing and flame-throwing. I've heard it's really fun and you get a lot of great food!


Thursday, October 9, 2008