Monday, September 24, 2007

Studying my butt off

I've been pretty much studying my butt off since school started, trying to stay on top of things with interruptions from dealing with our insurance claim from the flood. We are now getting money to replace our carpeting upstairs! Yay! Joe and I are going to work our money so we can replace all three bathroom vinyl also. So, we will pretty much have all new flooring throughout our house. Our downstairs carpeting is only 2 years old, and so is the kitchen floor......It's just going to be very interesting how we are going to get all of our furniture out, so the new carpet can come in.....I told Joe he needs to basically schedule any work to be done on his days off, because I have a flood of my own - a flood of studying.....


LPDraper said...

Yay! God is good!!
Hang in there... the end result will bless your socks off.


Rochelle said...

Sometimes carpet installers will move the furniture as part of the service. We're getting new carpet in our house next week, and just learned that. Check and see if yours do. Every little bit helps - especially when you've got a life to live on top of everything else!