Saturday, September 15, 2007


I'm sitting here, checking a couple of my favorite blogs. I just put Ben to bed with his classical music playing. He calls it "violin music." He insists on falling asleep to it. On Sunday nights, it's so funny, because the classical station plays religious music. Mostly, they will play what I think are monks chanting/praying. They actually sound a little creepy sometimes. Anyway, it just struck me how unusual it is that my first grader wants to listen to classical music to fall asleep. I wonder if it is from the endless orchestra/symphony concerts of his older sisters that he has attended in his young life. Come to think of it, he falls asleep at them! HAHAHA! Well, maybe I just figured this out, didn't I?

Speaking of bedtime, I also sing a little song I made up for him when I put him to bed. Each of my girls had their own specific bedtime song, too. The girls don't request me to sing to them anymore, but Benny still does. His goes like this: "Good night, Ben. Good night, Ben. I love you, little Ben. It's time for you to go to sleep. Good night, Ben." Amanda's little song went like this: "Amanda, I love you, you are my little girl. Amanda, I love you, you are my little girl." And, Melanie's went like this: "Close your eyes, Melanie, it's time to go to sleep. Close your eyes, Melanie, it's time to go to sleep. Ohhh, it's time to go to sleep, little Melanie. Yes, it's time to go to sleep right now. So, close your eyes, Melanie. It's time to go to sleep."

Wow. Mel got a long one! Sorry I can't share the tune for each one......I remember when Amanda would wake up in the night scared, I would sing it from my bedroom, and she would go back to sleep. Melanie would say "Sing the Melanie song." And Ben wants me to tickle his back when I sing it.....I hope I remember these songs.....

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That is very should record yourself so you remember.