Thursday, September 27, 2007

Group next Friday..

Well, I guess I will have another week to get ready to be in a small group. I emailed the leader, and she said that the group starts NEXT Friday. She also said that we will be doing SOAP's. SOAP's are a method of daily devotions that our church uses in small groups and what-not. It follows a daily Bible reading plan, where you read through the Bible in one year. Then, there is a journaling process, where you do each letter of the acronym SOAP.

S= Scripture (write a verse in your journal that stuck out in the scripture reading for the day)
O=Observation(write down what you see in the scripture)
A=Application(write how you will be different today because of what you have just read)
P=Prayer(Write out a prayer based on the devotion)

All of this can be recorded in a "Life Journal" created by Pastor Wayne Cordeiro that you can buy, or any kind of journal you want. The Life Journal itself is very organized, and you can even create a table of contents of the titles of each devotion for future reference. There is a website about the journals at

My daughter has a Life Journal, which she uses. Then, she and her friends get together regularly to discuss highlights of their individual devotional lives. It's kind of neat, because everyone is reading the same thing on the same day. Pretty cool! I like how our church encourages daily devotions. Sometimes they will have someone share a journal entry during a church service. I also like how small groups can center around this, rather than a Bible study/supplemental book.

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