Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Card Contest

I subscribe to an awesome paper crafting magazine. In the issue I just received, they publicized a contest where people can make cards in certain categories, and send them in to win a prize. The prize is a buttload of paper crafting stuff! The deadline is November, but I got busy this past week, and tried to make some cool cards. Melanie asked me if I think I will win. I said "Probably not." She said I should pray that I will. I just think that most of the people who will win, will be those who are using the latest and greatest supplies, while I am using what I already have at home. I tried to use my newest papers, but I don't know how exciting my cards will be to the judges. I think they're cool, and I had fun making them, so that's all that counts in my book!

Another Baby

No, not me.

My sister. She recently received the surprise that she is expecting! It is very cool, since this will be the first child between she and her husband. They each had kids (he had twins, and she had a daughter) when they got married. Those kids are now 10 and 11, so the baby will have lots of babysitters. A couple weekends a month, they will have all four kids, which means lots of extra help fetching diapers and bottles and such. There hasn't been a new baby in my side of the family since Benny, so this will be an exciting something to look forward to. Today, I received the baby's first ultrasound pics. It's amazing how big the baby looks in the pics, yet in reality, he/she is probably a little over an inch long!

So incredible how every human being begins. So tiny. So alive. So fragile, yet so vigorous. It reminds me of what David said in the Bible about how God "knit me together in my mother's womb." When you see a baby like that, you can sense God's hand on it. You can sense His protection and handiwork. You can sense that something so incredible as the formation of a human being from a sperm cell and an egg - that the cells know exactly how to divide, and what body parts to turn into. Amazing. Certainly not a happenstance, but directed by an incredible God!!

Sometimes I think about the universe and how HUGE it is, and then see how He works with such tiny things like my sister's baby. Each end of this spectrum is so detailed and so intricate. Consider our universe. One degree closer to the sun, and we would burn up. One degree away, and we would freeze. Also consider how the smallest of cells in the formation of a human being know exactly what to do. I can only be in awe of a God who holds these very complex things in perfect balance.

"You made all the delicate, inner parts of my body and knit me together in my mother's womb. Thank you for making me so wonderfully complex! Your workmanship is marvelous-how well I know it. You watched me as I was being formed in utter seclusion, as I was woven together in the dark of the womb. You saw me before I was born. Every day of my life was recorded in your book. Every moment was laid out before a single day had passed. How precious are your thoughts about me, O God. They cannot be numbered! I can't even count them; they outnumber the grains of sand! And, when I wake up, you are still with me!" (Psalms 139:13-18)

Monday, August 27, 2007

My Baby

I was staring at my son on the couch this morning, while he was watching TV. My face was about 6 inches from his. It hit me emotionally that he is going to first grade in nine days, and will be at school ALL day. Including bus transportation, that's 8:30 AM to 3:30 PM.

All day.

My baby boy.

Saturday, August 25, 2007

New Book

I got home from camping today, and a new book was waiting for me. I heard this author, Dennis D. Adams on a radio show, and decided I wanted to read his book. It's called "Honest, Direct, Respectful: Three simple words that will change your life." It's a teeny, weeny book in size, but BIG on practical, usable content about everyday communication. This guy is a therapist, pastor and public speaker. He gets hired by secular corporations to come speak about healthy communication in the workplace. Anyway, it probably took me all of an hour to read it, and I plan on reading it again and putting the tips into practice!!

Reading this book started me thinking about my favorite non-fiction books (the one I just mentioned is now on my list). A book is crowned "my favorite" if it helps me extremely, and if it is something I wish everybody could read, too. So here are ten of my favorite, most recommended books in my library:

1. Telling Yourself The Truth, by Marie Chapian (about solving a lot of our issues by addressing our misbeliefs)
2. The Intimacy Factor, by Pia Mellody (overcoming obstacles to true intimacy)
3. Courageous Leadership, by Bill Hybels (the hope of the church, and being a leader in it)
4. Nice Girls Don't Change The World, by Lynne Hybels (depression/being who you God made you)
5. What Every Mom Needs, by Elisa Morgan (every mom should read this - it's about taking care of our needs when we're mothering young children)
6. Burn Out, By Dr. Herbert Freudenberger (secular book on burnout)
7. The Gift of Sex, by Clifford and Joyce Penner (Christian authors, sex handbook)
8. The Beauty of Spiritual Language, by Jack Hayford (articulate, intelligent book about speaking in tongues)
9. Boundaries, by Henry Cloud and John Townsend (relationships - read any of their books, really)
10. Give Them Wings, by Carol Kuykendall (preparing for the time teens leave home)
11. She's Gonna Blow, by Julie Ann Barnhill (moms and anger)
12. Camping! Washington, by Ron Judd (rated camping spots in the state of Washington & contact info for them)

OK. So, that's twelve. I thought of a couple more. What's your all time favorite book to read and recommend?

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Forgetting What Is Behind.....

I listen to KGNW (820AM) often. I heard a great sermon on the radio this morning by Charles Stanley. He was speaking on Philippians, and how Paul was an achiever and a conqueror for God. Stanley suggested that we often go through life passively, and not with a goal in mind. He showed how Paul had his goal of knowing Christ, pressing on in his life to know God and tell others about Him. Paul had a goal. One that we can have, too. Stanley also explained how in order to press on (move forward) we must forget what is behind. Forgive. Let go of the past. Not that we forget the lessons we learned, but that we don't hold onto anger, bitterness and resentment. Obviously, it is something we must do before we can press on.

Sometimes I think I have moved on with certain things. That I have forgiven. But, then, it seems to creep back. My mind will start remembering something, and almost get on a roll. And, before I know what's happening, I feel anger and resentment. I know it's about guarding my mind, and stopping those thoughts with God's help. But, when it happens, it makes me think that I haven't really forgiven. Maybe we have to forgive over and over until we have finally "forgotten what is behind?" Maybe I have forgiven, but I still remember? Is there a difference?

I was also thinking about the goal thing. The one goal of knowing God. In the past, I have allowed volunteering at church to usurp this goal. Thinking I was becoming a better Christian by "serving," I succumbed to the pressure and served too much. I did a lot for God, but all that doing amounted to losing the focus on being in a relationship with God. I've been in my new church for over a year, and I haven't yet "served" there. I honestly don't feel led to do so. It's kind of weird, but kind of good, because I know that God wants me to have the goal of knowing Him better. And, I know that once I am doing my part in pressing on with Him, He will show me how He wants to use me. Maybe it won't even be at the church - maybe it will be something else.

Obviously, my kids are the primary ministry that is always before me, and I have many ways to improve the way I impart God to them. But, I am often undisciplined, and I want to change that. God is waiting for me every morning. He wants to be with me. He surely wants more than my short blurbs I give him throughout the day. Not that that's bad to pray short prayers throughout the day! But, I know that God has been asking me to be more intimate with Him. To steal away in the quiet. Alone. I've tried doing this at night, after kids are in bed. I just fall asleep. So, I think He wants me to come in the morning.

I'm not in the stage of life when I am mothering babies and toddlers anymore, when something like this is too high of an expectation, I think. I think moms have to cut themselves some breaks during that stage in life. But, now, I think I can do this - get up in the quiet of the morning and be with God. I need it. I need Him.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Giant Screen

I am typing this post on a GIANT computer screen we just purchased. It's a 22 inch wide screen, LCD monitor. Insane. I personally didn't care what kind of monitor we got, but this one was on clearance, so we snagged it. Joe's friend had built him a computer as a retirement gift, but hadn't used it yet. So, since Amanda will be needing a computer more, we gave her our old one, and all we had to do is buy a monitor this new puppy. But, it's so huge, it's pretty funny to me. At the computer store, it made Joe drool.

As we were walking into Best Buy (one of the electronics stores we shopped at), I looked around and said "This store is simply a man trap." I'm sure there are plenty of women who are into the latest and greatest technology, but I'm not one of them. And, I find it so interesting how much guys are. I mean, they absolutely love TV's and stereos and speakers and gadgets! Truly, a guy's theme song in life must be the one that Kip so eloquently sang at his wedding: "I love technology...."

Sunday, August 19, 2007

The Penelope skits..

So, I had never seen the Penelope skits before. I actually saw the party episode at church Saturday night!! HAHA! One of our pastors was doing a portion of his talk about how we want a piece of the glory sometimes, and how we try to promote ourselves rather than humbling ourselves, allowing God to promote us. Then, he shows the SNL skit. We were DYING.

Another time, my pastor friend in San Diego showed a clip of a movie in church to advertise baptisms. This is how it went: all of the sudden, you see Will Ferrell flashed up on the screen in his speedo on a diving board (I think the clip was from "Anchorman"). He yells out "CANNONBALL!" and splashes in the pool. Then, the it quickly flashes to a slide announcing upcoming baptisms! HAHA!!

I'm so glad I can have fun in church.


This one's the BEST.

christen wiig dinner party

Is this not the funniest thing ever?

Friday, August 17, 2007

Vintage tag

I made this tag today using a manila tag that I antiqued with the Tim Holtz Distress Ink ("tattered rose"). I used an acrylic stamp for the birds, and used pastel chalks to color them in, then a separate "joy" stamp. The flowers are dried hydrangea blossoms I dried from my garden last year. Then, I bent the corners and antiqued the ribbon a little bit.
Good therapy. Good therapy...

OK. So, maybe...

OK. So, maybe I'm almost out of my bad mood. Maybe I feel like blogging a little bit, especially since a blogging friend put two of my posts as links on her blog (is that how I say it?). Thank you Girls Moma. I don't know how to do links on mine, or I would link yours, too.

I've just felt kind of crappy these last few days - physically and emotionally. I don't know what the deal is. One idea I have is this: I need a serious mom-vacation. I have reached my limit of being asked for things, demanded of things, cleaning things, helping everyone. I'm sick of it. Any moms out there - can I get a "hoo-ah" or something? Does anybody else just get SICK of doing EVERYTHING for EVERYONE? I do. I just get sick of the noise, and the consistent voices asking for something. I can be typing away on my computer, or talking on the phone. It doesn't matter. People just think I am accessible no matter what I might be doing. And, everywhere I turn around there is a new mess. I had to sit down with my children, and say "you know what? you guys are too old for me to have to babysit what you do all the time. clean up after yourselves. do you chores when you're supposed to do them. it's called obedience. just do it." That was the gist of my lecture.

My other idea is: my new espresso machine. I first used the little metal filter that says "one cup" on it to put my ground coffee in, but I thought my latte was a little watery. So, ever since, I've been using the "two cup" filter thingy. But, I think I've been making myself the equivalent of a grande espresso everyday! This is probably not good for me. Today, I went back to the "one cup" and packed the coffee right. It was pretty good.

Yesterday, I thought I would feel better if I went out and weeded. I actually like doing this. But, I didn't feel better. So, I chilled on the couch in front of the TV for several hours. People actually left me alone. It was great. I could feel myself lifting out of the fogginess. I realized I just needed some space. Joe has been off the last couple of days, and so he took over some stuff. I don't know if he has any idea how just taking over the driving detail, and making a couple of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches lightens my load. It's weird-but it's a relief. I feel lighter and better today.

I feel not so mad at the whole world - even the blogging community. :) Thank you reading. You probably care, or you wouldn't read it. At least, that's why I read the blogs I read. I genuinely like the people, and I want to know what they're doing. And, I pray for them, too. So, anyway, thanks.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

You know what I'm thinking...

You know what I'm thinking.....I'm thinking there sure are a lot of people who check this blog daily, but only one person comments on a regular basis. And, I don't really talk to many people who say they read this blog. It brings up the question in my mind: is this just an anonymous way to be a voyeur into my life? Is this a way of knowing about me without really wanting to know me? Or, maybe it fulfills a need to hear something juicy to pass on to someone else?

Just thinking......

Monday, August 13, 2007


There's nothing like a day of errands to give you fuzz-brain. Ugh. I hate the driving somewhere, getting out, walking, trying to find stuff, waiting in line, getting back in the car, and starting all over again at another place.....Maybe this will be interesting, and maybe this won't, but here's what I did:

1. Drove a half hour to take my last Physics test.
2. Stopped at Jack in the Box for fuel on the way back. They didn't give me a spoon for my fruit cup. Couldn't eat my fruit.
3. Drove a half hour back to town.
4. Went to the college bookstore to get my textbooks (and Amanda's). They didn't have them all. Forgot to get a spoon at the cafeteria to eat my fruit with.
4. Went to Target for birthday gift, school supplies and a couple of household items. Couldn't find the Kleenex or paper towels. Had to wait for someone to help me. Forgot to get a spoon for my fruit.
5. Went Wal-Mart for the birthday gift that was cheaper there, plus I got a TobyMac CD with some of my birthday money. Forgot to get a spoon. Blared TobyMac in my truck and LOVE the CD!!
6. Came home. Heard the report about how bad Ben was acting while I was gone. Ate some of my fruit, but Ben wanted some, too. Melanie bugging me to spend the night at a friend's house who is going to come to our house on Wednesday and spend the night. Half hour later, took Amanda to driver's ed. Opened my used Anatomy and Physiology book and found a ton of highlighting and writing I couldn't live with.
7. Took the book back and exchanged it. Came home and cleaned the outside cover of the textbook, and the pages of my anatomy atlas.
8. Gave Ben cereal for dinner. Have to leave in ten minutes to pick Amanda up from driver's ed. She will probably want food, and then want to be driven to her small group and picked up around 9:00. Yippee.

Having fun yet? Such is my world.

Sunday, August 12, 2007


I've been into making tags today. I thought they might look cute attached to a matching, solid color, gift bag for a birthday or something...

The birdie is shiny because I put some paper glaze on this stamped image. I corrugated the strip of pink paper and used purple brads. More Basic Grey paper!

I was playing with some new stamps I bought. I was using the first clear stamps I have ever purchased. The stamps are not rubber mounted on wood. They are clear plastic, that are sticky on the back. You peel them off of their storage page, and adhere them to a clear block for stamping. The cool thing is, you can see exactly where you are stamping on your paper! Then, you clean the stamp, peel it off and place it back on the storage page. Fun!

I used black rub-ons on this cool Basic Grey paper....

I made a card, too. I love how "vintage" it looks.

Reading the Bible in 90 Days

Most of those who read this blog, already know that I am attempting to read the Bible in 90 days. I am about a week behind, due to vacations, or just not reading my full daily amount. I'm OK with that. I'm reading a good chunk of my Bible almost everyday, and I am really enjoying that I am reading it from cover to cover. I'm finding that it is bringing everything together that I have learned from a young child to now. It's also cool to hear a message at church or on the radio, and relate to what they're talking about more fully, because I just read whatever they were referring to! Right now, I'm in the middle of Psalms.

I was thinking about how not hard it is to read the whole Bible. It's almost like there's a stigma placed on reading the whole thing. I just decided, "hey-if I can handle three college classes, surely I can read the Bible in 90 days!" How many of us have devoured huge novels or other books in a whole weekend? Last summer, I read all of the Chronicles of Narnia. I read constantly. I saw the latest Harry Potter at the grocery store yesterday, and THAT thing is HUGE! I wonder how many are reading that in a week's time?! The other thing is: the Bible can be understandable to everyone. And, if some things don't make sense, there are so many reference books (or reputable internet sites) to help. I think one of the hardest things to understand, are the cultural differences of the people. But, the words come even more alive, once you figure that stuff out. Plus, there are answers for life' stuff in there: stuff about death, Heaven, Hell, how to live our lives, parenting, marriage, money, and who God is!

The coolest, coolest, coolest part about reading the Bible, is that it is alive! Once you have made a decision through faith to enter into a relationship with God, the Bible becomes more than literature, it becomes God's words to us personally. I am finding that as I have been reading, God says certain things to me in the words in a very direct way. I love that I have a personal relationship with God in that way. Well, that's what being a Christian is all about anyway.....

If you're interested in seeing the plan for reading the Bible in 90 days, go to www.haventoday.org/blog.php. There's other cool stuff on the website to help you learn about God as well....

Friday, August 10, 2007

Coffee and Paper

The perfect birthday presents: coffee and paper. :) Joe got me a KRUPS espresso machine! YAY!! It is so awesome. Making a delicious latte this morning was effortless and fun. Before, I had a little Mr. Coffee machine, that relied on the build up of steam to make the foam, and it did a really crappy job, and you only had a certain timeframe to make the foam. My NEW machine uses a pump, and the foam quickly rises to the top of the pitcher. Sweet!! The other cool thing, is I can make two cups at once if I want to, and I can make consecutive cups for more people. That means everybody can come over to my house for free lattes!! :)

My other gift was a gift certificate to my favorite paper store: Paper Muse. Literally-my first thought this morning was - "Heck, yes! I'm goin' to the paper store!"

So, I gotta cut it short. I'm gonna go get my shower and get to the paper store!

Thursday, August 9, 2007

My Day

Oh yeah - today is my birthday! My husband brought me a Forza latte in bed, which I already enjoyed and I'm still in my pajamas. I also received a floral bouquet at my house this morning, from my mom. That was a nice surprise! Tonight, Joe and the kids are taking me out to dinner, and I hear there will be gifts. Gotta love the gifts! hee hee :)

My goals for the day: I will NOT study my Physics today, and I WILL make some cards. NO cleaning. NO school shopping. NO thinking about anything I don't want to think about. If I get around to it, I may give myself a pedicure with my massaging foot bath thingy. We'll see. I'm just gonna do what I feel like doin'....I wonder if I could extend this out through the weekend..... :)

I'm awake

I'm awake at 12:30 in the morning, because Ben had been crying off and on. I figured out what it was. He had wrapped a band-aid around his big toe, and it had cut off circulation, causing him pain! In his sleeping stupor, he only knew his toe hurt, but could only cry. Owie!

So now the hall light is back on, and I'm waiting for him to go back to sleep, so I can turn it off. Here's some middle-of-the-night fodder for ya:

Things a mom should say on a hand-held voice recorder, that she can play when necessary, so she doesn't have to constantly repeat herself:

1. I said NO.
2. Stop interrupting.
3. Don't let the dog out.
4. Flush the toilet.
5. Wash your hands.
6. Clean your room.
7. Clean up after yourself.
8. You'll be fine - go back to sleep.
9. Say you're sorry.
10. Wipe your own butt.

Wednesday, August 8, 2007


I wanted to see if there was any good preaching on TV this morning (that could be scary), and I actually heard an awesome message by a Catholic priest! I'm not Catholic, but this guy was so sweet. He gave a message about Gideon. He recounted the entire story (which was fun, since I recently read it), and then related it to our circumstances that we think will never change. Gideon's circumstances were pretty bad with the Midianites overpowering the Jews there, stealing their food and persecuting them. Gideon was hiding in a cave, grinding wheat when the Lord came to him and asked him to lead the people against the Midianites. Gideon asked for a couple of signs just to make sure. (By the way, I love how God didn't put him down for asking for signs, and gave him the signs he needed). In the end, God used Gideon and only 300 soldiers to defeat an army of over 100,000!! Gideon was afraid, and his circumstances seemed overwhelming, but once he stepped out with his tiny bit of faith (and proof), God did the rest. The point the Catholic priest made in this message, was that when we feel the evil in the world is overwhelming, or there are circumstances in our lives that we think will never change, we cannot rely on our own strength. If we only step forward with what little bit of faith we have, God will perform in His strength. We can move forward with courage, knowing the God who fights the battles. Whew! Good message!

I was also thinking that today, we hardly need proof if we look into the Word and see what God can do. Or, we look up into the stars and see His vast creation. He is so amazing, but why do we so quickly forget when our circumstances get bad? It reminds me of Peter walking on the water. When he took his eyes off of Jesus, and got scared about the waves, he sunk......

Things that make you go hmmmmmm......

Tuesday, August 7, 2007


YES! My daughter just started driver's ed!! My chauferring days are almost over - woo hoo!!

Sunday, August 5, 2007

Stuff I'm Doin'

It took a lot of thought to come up with the title for this post, can you tell? :)

I talked with the Lord about my path, and decided that I can trust Him to re-direct me as I go along. I am going to continue moving forward with my college stuff, with the goal of applying to the ultrasound program next summer. If He re-directs me otherwise, I'll be open to that. At church last Sunday, our pastor talked about how God doesn't always work in straight lines. He showed us the path the Jews have taken over hundreds of years to inhabit the land of Israel. His illustration was a zigzag line. He likened this path to our own lives, and how we arrive at the destiny God designed for us. It gave me a whole new perspective on my life - what's happened, the direction it has taken and where it appears to be going. My life is not a straight line, but a zigzag one, leading me straight to God's purpose. Hallelujah!

O.K. I have found that a really, simple way to connect with my kids is to play games. I have a friend who says she finds it hard to play with her kids - she's just not good at it. I can relate to that a little bit. I'm not sure why it's kind of weird to play. But, it kind of is! One time, I played Barbies with my girls when they were younger. I pushed myself to get into it, but once I got going, I was having fun. They were enthralled with me. They were cracking up, and we just had the best time. Maybe when kids play, they are lost in it, because they have no other real responsibilities. Maybe it's harder for adults to get lost in play, because they do have so much to think about. Maybe it seems pointless to us anymore......Anyway, I taught Ben to play a Cranium card game called "Zigity." I wasn't sure if he could do it, because there's adding and spelling involved, but he actually caught on fast, and started to beat me!! He was loving playing with me - he kept asking me to play, over and over and over and over.....I loved playing with him, too. :)

I think I bought Zigity at a Starbucks. It comes in a cute, little tin.

Here's the cool card I made the other day.

I stamped the diamond pattern in ink that matched the patterned paper. The patterned paper is sewn on with my sewing machine. The black graphic is a rub-on. The whole things was antiqued with a rough brush and Tim Holtz distress ink.

The tag that slips inside the front of the card can be used as a bookmark. I made it with patterned paper, and antiqued it in the same way. I also antiqued the flowers and attached them with brads. The tag at the bottom is a chipboard tag covered in patterned paper, and attached with a string of jute thread. It also has a rub-on. There is also a stamp that says "Gentle Thoughts of You," and a bird/floral collage stamp. I used Basic Grey, 7 Gypsies and Stampin' Up products.

Saturday, August 4, 2007

Goooooood Morning!

I'm havin' my caramel latte, looking at some ab exercises I printed from the internet the other day. I wonder if I'll ever do them. I printed them out because I have noticed that my mid-section has become something of squishy bread dough. I don't like this. I'm pretty sure it's age, because eating a little less won't make it go away. I guess I'll have to exercise. The YMCA became too expensive for us, so only Joe has a membership now (which he is going to lose soon, if he doesn't get over there). Anyway, I have some ideas on things I can do for exercise. (My friend who does triathlons, please don't laugh at me). First, I could go on a half hour walk and then do my Pilates video. I also thought about doing push-ups, because I really would like some buffer looking arms. I realize that there is the hump of actually initiating exercise that I must get over, and I think I'm almost there.

O.K. I just read what I wrote. This sounds really pathetic. *Whine* I'm just not motivated! I mean, I eat a pretty good diet, I'm just not good at figuring out how to get in shape! I know I would be pleased and proud once I get going, so I should just get to it. I'll let ya know....

On another note, I watched the video I purchased, entitled "The Case For A Creator," discussing evolution and the evidence it is false. It was so awesome!! I started having these grandiose thoughts of having a special showing of this movie at the college. They probably wouldn't let me. Anyway, at least I could lend this video when the opportunity arises. It's pretty powerful. I find it amazing how the scientific community, who prides itself on questioning everything and using the scientific method for disproving theories, would basically overlook so much screaming evidence that evolution is far-fetched. I truly believe that scientists want to hold on to the Darwinian approach to origin of species, because they don't want to admit that everything points to an intelligent designer. It seems to me, that the Bible makes it clear that we can see God in his Creation. And so, it is obvious that the enemy would like to twist that, and I think he has used Darwin as a tool to keep intellectuals from knowing God.

This video has been awesome for me to watch after experiencing the intimidation and brainwashing techniques of my Biology teacher on the subject of evolution. Now I can see what a joke it was for him to say there was all this "evidence." There isn't any!! A big one he used was fossils. He showed us fossils of a plant, and compared it with a modern day plant, claiming this was evidence. The truth is, there are no fossil records showing the evolution of one species to another. NONE. Science teachers want us to think there are, but there aren't. All in all, I am realizing that I knew little about the facts of evolution, which is why I felt like I couldn't make an intelligent argument. Now that I know the truth scientifically, I feel like I have something more solid to stand on. I plan on schooling myself even further, so that I can have more intelligent discussions with people at school. It's exciting!

Friday, August 3, 2007

Mean Mom

Due to my lack of doing something fun for myself and having the kids home 24/7, I have gotten a little cranky. The other day, I caught Ben riding on the back of his friend's bike without a helmet. Instead of saying "Ben, I want you to get down from the bike, please." I yelled, "BEN! GET OFF!" Later, Ben said, "Mom, why are you being mean today?"


I had been feeling it for a couple of days, that I needed some "me" time, but hadn't taken it yet. This was my sign.

Over a year ago, I had an in-depth temperament test done. It's titled the Arno Profile System. Mine was administered by a counselor, but I think you might be able to do the test on-line. Google it. It costs around $50, I think. All I can say is, it's well worth it. I received a good sized report on the three areas of my temperament, as well as recommendations for living with my temperament types. It's more than one of those little tests you take that tells you what animal you are, or if you are a choleric, etc. It is quite specific about your needs and in what situations you will be the least stressed in, to name a couple of things. It is extremely helpful in relationships, so you can know what the other person's deep needs are.

I'm telling you all this, because I found out from the test, that I become refreshed and renewed by having time alone. Too much socializing tends to drain my energy. Interesting, huh? I thought so. Of course, my husband is the complete opposite! HAHA! Now, that I know this about myself, I can be aware of how much alone time I am getting, in order to take care of my needs. Hence, I can be aware of my feelings, before I become "mean mom." The temperament test has been a wonderful tool in understanding my needs as well as my husband's. I even had it done on one of my kids. It gave me a sheet with parenting recommendations for that child! Cool!

I've been a good mom the last couple of days, as you saw in my previous posts, by making cards. Yesterday, I went to my favorite paper store, and bought a few things. Then, I came home and made a really awesome card, that I want to keep forever (I'll have to post a pic later). It took me a little while, but soon, I could feel myself decompressing and enjoying the creative process.

Today, I am much less cranky, more on top of my attitude and the way I'm saying things to the kids. Moms, we just work plain hard, don't we? I have found that, if I can't leave the house, there's nothing wrong with telling the kids I'm having a "mom day." I tell them I'm basically not to be bothered. I say I won't be watching them outside, so they'll have to find inside things to do. I've even given my kids consequences for bugging me (Ben's a big "bugger"). I do this, because most of my days are spent doing everything they want to do. Amidst the regular household chores, I sit outside to watch them ride bikes, put everything on hold to be their chauffer, respond to endless requests for food, supervise them in the pool, etc., etc., etc.,! So, I'm not going to feel guilty for not letting them do what they want for one day, once in awhile (they end up finding something fun to do anyway). They will live.

I told my son last night, "I'm sorry I was mean today. I'm cranky because I need to have some fun. You know, mommies need time to play sometimes, just like you do."

Thursday, August 2, 2007

Hurting People

It doesn't seem quite right to post some trivial information or some opinionated ramblings this morning, when there are so many hurting people, reeling from the collapse of the bridge in Minneapolis, MN. I don't think I've ever seen anything like that. It's hard to wrap my brain around that kind of devastation or the reality of being there. I have this brain that has to figure everything out, so of course, I would really like to know why and how this happened. I like things to make some kind of sense. All in all, there are hurting people over there, dealing with the loss of loved ones, or wondering if they're still alive in the wreckage. Then, there are those who might still be alive in their automobiles. God help them.

God, may everyone involved in this tragedy sense your Presence today. May they turn to You, finding comfort and a sense of peace from You today. May those who are still alive, be found immediately, and bless the efforts of the rescue workers. I pray that you would protect those who are still trying to find and rescue people, so that no more would be harmed. I thank You for the miracles already performed, some of which we might never realize. I ask for more miracles today, in the form of more lives rescued. I pray that no bodily remains would remain missing, so the loved ones can bury them and not be left wondering. I pray that You would assist each person who has lost someone, to enter into and complete the grieving process in a healthy way. I pray for their continued comfort and healing, Lord. Thank You that you are the Author and Finisher of our faith. Lord, I give You praise for Who you are. There is none like You.

Wednesday, August 1, 2007


I sent my oldest off to camp again. This time she is going to a 3-day church camp in Portland. She is going to have a blast with some very cool friends of hers. I couldn't ask for better kids for her to hang out with. They love the Lord - a couple of them are considering becoming pastors. On a daily basis (usually in the mornings), they try to get together and do their "devo" (devotions). They just meet a a coffee shop, and talk about what they got out of their daily time with God. It's awesome. They also meet once a week in the evening. This last time, one of the guys had his whole house set up with stuff from India, including incense and a slideshow. He talked about how he was led to go to India on a mission trip and shared the stories with the other kids. I mean, seriously. How cool are these friends? It is a fun thing to be seeing the reality of what you have hoped and dreamed about for your kids as a mom. I love how God works these things out!

I'm starting to think about school starting again. Melanie doesn't allow me to say that "s" word in front of her. I think she wants to remain in denial that it still exists. However, I cleaned out some binders today, and gathered up a bunch of unused notebook paper. I put a textbook for sale online, too. As I was organizing my desk area, I started thinking about all the other things I would like to have squared away (ooh-that sounds military) and organized before the whirlwind begins on September 5th.

We got a letter in the mail today, about an AWANA program starting on September 5th for Benny. He loved VBS so much, I just know this is going to be a hit with him.

In a few more weeks, I'll be sending Melanie off to a week-long church camp! She is fundraising right now trying to help off-set the cost. We hope she'll raise enough to pay for all of it. She's doing a car wash, selling pizza cards and selling butter braids. Pray that God rewards her efforts! :)

Joe is preparing for a guys camping trip this weekend. He and a few guys he has known since junior high and high school, are heading out to the Hood Canal area. All I can say is: I'm glad I don't have to be in a tent with 5 smelly guys who had brats and baked beans for dinner.