Sunday, August 19, 2007

The Penelope skits..

So, I had never seen the Penelope skits before. I actually saw the party episode at church Saturday night!! HAHA! One of our pastors was doing a portion of his talk about how we want a piece of the glory sometimes, and how we try to promote ourselves rather than humbling ourselves, allowing God to promote us. Then, he shows the SNL skit. We were DYING.

Another time, my pastor friend in San Diego showed a clip of a movie in church to advertise baptisms. This is how it went: all of the sudden, you see Will Ferrell flashed up on the screen in his speedo on a diving board (I think the clip was from "Anchorman"). He yells out "CANNONBALL!" and splashes in the pool. Then, the it quickly flashes to a slide announcing upcoming baptisms! HAHA!!

I'm so glad I can have fun in church.

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Chelle said...

Sounds familiar. It's nice to be at church and laughing so hard you cry isn't it?