Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Giant Screen

I am typing this post on a GIANT computer screen we just purchased. It's a 22 inch wide screen, LCD monitor. Insane. I personally didn't care what kind of monitor we got, but this one was on clearance, so we snagged it. Joe's friend had built him a computer as a retirement gift, but hadn't used it yet. So, since Amanda will be needing a computer more, we gave her our old one, and all we had to do is buy a monitor this new puppy. But, it's so huge, it's pretty funny to me. At the computer store, it made Joe drool.

As we were walking into Best Buy (one of the electronics stores we shopped at), I looked around and said "This store is simply a man trap." I'm sure there are plenty of women who are into the latest and greatest technology, but I'm not one of them. And, I find it so interesting how much guys are. I mean, they absolutely love TV's and stereos and speakers and gadgets! Truly, a guy's theme song in life must be the one that Kip so eloquently sang at his wedding: "I love technology...."

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Chelle said...

My husband would be drooling too, being a programmer and all....