Saturday, August 4, 2007

Goooooood Morning!

I'm havin' my caramel latte, looking at some ab exercises I printed from the internet the other day. I wonder if I'll ever do them. I printed them out because I have noticed that my mid-section has become something of squishy bread dough. I don't like this. I'm pretty sure it's age, because eating a little less won't make it go away. I guess I'll have to exercise. The YMCA became too expensive for us, so only Joe has a membership now (which he is going to lose soon, if he doesn't get over there). Anyway, I have some ideas on things I can do for exercise. (My friend who does triathlons, please don't laugh at me). First, I could go on a half hour walk and then do my Pilates video. I also thought about doing push-ups, because I really would like some buffer looking arms. I realize that there is the hump of actually initiating exercise that I must get over, and I think I'm almost there.

O.K. I just read what I wrote. This sounds really pathetic. *Whine* I'm just not motivated! I mean, I eat a pretty good diet, I'm just not good at figuring out how to get in shape! I know I would be pleased and proud once I get going, so I should just get to it. I'll let ya know....

On another note, I watched the video I purchased, entitled "The Case For A Creator," discussing evolution and the evidence it is false. It was so awesome!! I started having these grandiose thoughts of having a special showing of this movie at the college. They probably wouldn't let me. Anyway, at least I could lend this video when the opportunity arises. It's pretty powerful. I find it amazing how the scientific community, who prides itself on questioning everything and using the scientific method for disproving theories, would basically overlook so much screaming evidence that evolution is far-fetched. I truly believe that scientists want to hold on to the Darwinian approach to origin of species, because they don't want to admit that everything points to an intelligent designer. It seems to me, that the Bible makes it clear that we can see God in his Creation. And so, it is obvious that the enemy would like to twist that, and I think he has used Darwin as a tool to keep intellectuals from knowing God.

This video has been awesome for me to watch after experiencing the intimidation and brainwashing techniques of my Biology teacher on the subject of evolution. Now I can see what a joke it was for him to say there was all this "evidence." There isn't any!! A big one he used was fossils. He showed us fossils of a plant, and compared it with a modern day plant, claiming this was evidence. The truth is, there are no fossil records showing the evolution of one species to another. NONE. Science teachers want us to think there are, but there aren't. All in all, I am realizing that I knew little about the facts of evolution, which is why I felt like I couldn't make an intelligent argument. Now that I know the truth scientifically, I feel like I have something more solid to stand on. I plan on schooling myself even further, so that I can have more intelligent discussions with people at school. It's exciting!

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