Friday, August 10, 2007

Coffee and Paper

The perfect birthday presents: coffee and paper. :) Joe got me a KRUPS espresso machine! YAY!! It is so awesome. Making a delicious latte this morning was effortless and fun. Before, I had a little Mr. Coffee machine, that relied on the build up of steam to make the foam, and it did a really crappy job, and you only had a certain timeframe to make the foam. My NEW machine uses a pump, and the foam quickly rises to the top of the pitcher. Sweet!! The other cool thing, is I can make two cups at once if I want to, and I can make consecutive cups for more people. That means everybody can come over to my house for free lattes!! :)

My other gift was a gift certificate to my favorite paper store: Paper Muse. Literally-my first thought this morning was - "Heck, yes! I'm goin' to the paper store!"

So, I gotta cut it short. I'm gonna go get my shower and get to the paper store!

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