Monday, August 13, 2007


There's nothing like a day of errands to give you fuzz-brain. Ugh. I hate the driving somewhere, getting out, walking, trying to find stuff, waiting in line, getting back in the car, and starting all over again at another place.....Maybe this will be interesting, and maybe this won't, but here's what I did:

1. Drove a half hour to take my last Physics test.
2. Stopped at Jack in the Box for fuel on the way back. They didn't give me a spoon for my fruit cup. Couldn't eat my fruit.
3. Drove a half hour back to town.
4. Went to the college bookstore to get my textbooks (and Amanda's). They didn't have them all. Forgot to get a spoon at the cafeteria to eat my fruit with.
4. Went to Target for birthday gift, school supplies and a couple of household items. Couldn't find the Kleenex or paper towels. Had to wait for someone to help me. Forgot to get a spoon for my fruit.
5. Went Wal-Mart for the birthday gift that was cheaper there, plus I got a TobyMac CD with some of my birthday money. Forgot to get a spoon. Blared TobyMac in my truck and LOVE the CD!!
6. Came home. Heard the report about how bad Ben was acting while I was gone. Ate some of my fruit, but Ben wanted some, too. Melanie bugging me to spend the night at a friend's house who is going to come to our house on Wednesday and spend the night. Half hour later, took Amanda to driver's ed. Opened my used Anatomy and Physiology book and found a ton of highlighting and writing I couldn't live with.
7. Took the book back and exchanged it. Came home and cleaned the outside cover of the textbook, and the pages of my anatomy atlas.
8. Gave Ben cereal for dinner. Have to leave in ten minutes to pick Amanda up from driver's ed. She will probably want food, and then want to be driven to her small group and picked up around 9:00. Yippee.

Having fun yet? Such is my world.

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Chelle said...

But at least your day wasn't jam packed and really busy...ha ha ha. Glad I'm far away so you can't smack me for that one :)