Thursday, August 2, 2007

Hurting People

It doesn't seem quite right to post some trivial information or some opinionated ramblings this morning, when there are so many hurting people, reeling from the collapse of the bridge in Minneapolis, MN. I don't think I've ever seen anything like that. It's hard to wrap my brain around that kind of devastation or the reality of being there. I have this brain that has to figure everything out, so of course, I would really like to know why and how this happened. I like things to make some kind of sense. All in all, there are hurting people over there, dealing with the loss of loved ones, or wondering if they're still alive in the wreckage. Then, there are those who might still be alive in their automobiles. God help them.

God, may everyone involved in this tragedy sense your Presence today. May they turn to You, finding comfort and a sense of peace from You today. May those who are still alive, be found immediately, and bless the efforts of the rescue workers. I pray that you would protect those who are still trying to find and rescue people, so that no more would be harmed. I thank You for the miracles already performed, some of which we might never realize. I ask for more miracles today, in the form of more lives rescued. I pray that no bodily remains would remain missing, so the loved ones can bury them and not be left wondering. I pray that You would assist each person who has lost someone, to enter into and complete the grieving process in a healthy way. I pray for their continued comfort and healing, Lord. Thank You that you are the Author and Finisher of our faith. Lord, I give You praise for Who you are. There is none like You.

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