Saturday, July 26, 2008

Pray for Leslie's family

Please pray for Leslie's family, as Leslie went to be with the Lord today. (see my sidebar: Leslie's Journey)

Somehow, it's not hard to be in tears over the death of someone I never met in person. Through her blog, I learned a lot about Leslie's husband, their son and Leslie. I thought about my son when I saw the cute pictures of their little boy, and I think of him now.... I admired Leslie's husband's faith in God, even when all of this wasn't making sense. I wanted so much for her to get better, so I could read the victory stories and celebrate in front of my computer.... I prayed many times since I started reading their blog.....Well, it looks like God had another plan. I sure don't like how sad it is, why a young mommy would die, but I trust Him....It is pretty wonderful to think about, though, that Leslie is WITH God. She gets to be in front of His lovely face - even embraced by Him, forever and EVER!! WOO! That's amazing. And, she is truly healed - the TRUE victory!

Lord, I pray that you would be glorified through Leslie's life and death. Let your presence be felt very near to her husband and young son. Please strengthen them with your supernatural strength and peace. Comfort their whole family and give them peace that passes all understanding.....