Saturday, July 26, 2008

Kayaking equipment list

I've been studying my kayaking trip equipment list, and I'm wondering about something. Under "personal items," it says:

-toilet paper (include a plastic bag for packing out after use)

OK. Does this mean, if I go pee or poop in the woods, I have to pack out my toilet paper I wiped my butt with? And, does it also mean I have to pack out my poop?

It probably just means I have to pack out my toilet paper in a plastic bag, so it won't get wet.

I hope.


Organized Chaos said...

Gotta pack up the used toilet paper...the poop is "natural" and is okay to leave behind in nature, however the toilet paper is liter and you need to pack it up. Think how gross it would be if you found someone elses "used" toilet paper in the woods!

Just eat a lot of constipating carbs and lay off fiber 48 hours prior to your trip.

LPDraper said...

This post totally made me laugh out loud! I would have asked the very same questions... :)

I just got an email from REI and it had this link:

Is this what you're doing? Look fantastic!!

Jodi said...

Draper: No, it's not a trip with REI, but it's the same thing with another company "Sea Quest Expeditions."

M: I promise I will not eat my FlaxPlus cereal before the trip.

Jodi said...

Oh, and M, I think it would be gross to see someone else's TP in the woods, but I also think it's gross that I have to take it with me! :( Blech.