Tuesday, July 15, 2008

New Favs of Mine

After my mom and I bought the loose leaf tea, I realized that my tea infusers suck. I have the metal mesh, ball kind, but the Rooibos tea leaves are so fine, they get through and I end up with a cup full of floaties.

So. I caught up with the "Tea Madame" at her shop, and she sold me what she calls a "gravity infuser." The contraption contains a silk filter at the bottom of the clear cup. You first put in your tea leaves, then add hot water. You close the lid and allow the tea leaves to steep. Then! You put the infuser on top of a cup. When the bottom is pressed, it releases the floaty-free tea from a spout in the center. When you lift up on the infuser, the spout closes. SO COOL!! The picture you see above is my attempt at green tea.
Here's another new fav of mine. A mini garden in a strawberry pot! Here's a couple of views of my cute little garden.
There are sedums, wooly thyme, mondo grass and blue star creeper
Isn't the mini tree so CUTE? He will only grow about an inch in ten years!

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