Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Getting My Kids to Read This Summer

So, I'm feeling like a good mom because I've been encouraging my kids to read this summer, and it's actually working! How? Well, in Ben's case, I signed him up for a program at our local library, where, if he reads 600 minutes, he gets a pass to the zoo. Since he loves to use the computer, he especially likes that he can log onto his own library account and record his minutes. I also threw in the carrot of a new Webkinz creature if he read 600 minutes. That kid did it! We bought the Webkinz grey cat on Saturday. Now, I told him if he reads 500 more, I would take him to get another Webkinz. I think he just might do that too!

Amanda has already been reading one of those popular vampire books by Stephanie Meyer. There's three in the series, and Amanda is on the third one, eagerly anticipating the release of the movie next year. Plus, I bought her a ginormous SAT study guide that should keep her plenty busy. Got her covered.

On to Melanie. Melanie wanted to get a book recently released by a guy named Brad Henning, who came and spoke at her school on teen relationships and sex. He's a Christian guy who actually lives in our town. He wrote a book called "Don't Take Love Lying Down." My stipulation for me to buy that book, was for her to read another book on the similar topic that I had been wanting her to read. It's almost impossible to get a teenager to read what you want them to read, but my little plan worked (heh..heh...heh..), and she read the book I wanted her to read! I can't wait to buy this new book for her and see her devour it.

Today, I'm going to take Ben to the library for another free event for kids - a cartoonist! I think we'll pick up some interesting new books to tempt him to read some more. And hey, they give each kid a bookmark, and each time they visit the library, they get a stamp. When they fill the bookmark with stamps they get a prize! Bribery is the BEST.

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