Friday, July 18, 2008

Go On a Blog Mission Trip

I encourage everybody who checks out my blog to go check out another: There is an awesome woman named Anne Jackson who is on a mission trip to the Dominican Republic right now and is blogging about her trip. A few months ago, it was Uganda.

I think we get so comfy in our US of A, that we forget (or maybe don't know) about the poverty and suffering in other parts of this globe. Anne's blog reminded me of these things, and has inspired me to think about sponsoring a child.

I hope you will check out her blog each day for the new things she experiences on this mission trip!

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Irritable Mother said...

I just sponsored a child this past weekend through World Vision. Now I have a little girl named Lucy to love and for whom I can pray. I am trusting God to use what I can give, for this little girl's good.
I think sponsorship is a great idea!