Thursday, July 26, 2007

Where have I been?

This is where!!

My preppy husband and me in front of our hotel, overlooking San Diego.

View from our hotel balcony at the Hilton.

Sea World was all about getting wet. Our first ride was the Atlantis, in which we got very wet. Then, we went to the dolphin show and sat in the "soak zone." So much for doing my hair!! After that, we went to a 4-D theater experience, where we got even more wet! The grand finale was the river rapids ride (see below).

Joe and the kids got completely soaked on the river rapids ride. I enjoyed a warm churro and iced tea during their adventure (I'm so smart!)

During our second day at Sea World, we purchased fish to feed and pet the dolphins during a special feeding time - it was SO cool!!

Even I got to touch one! It made me tear up, it was so special to interact with them...

We got to touch the dolphins!!

The fam at Mission Beach. A wonderful man from New York took this picture. We talked for a few minutes, and when he realized Joe was a retired servicemember, he thanked him sincerely for his service. It was so sweet. After that, Joe and the girls rode the wooden roller coaster!

Amanda and Melanie on the beach.

We took a quick stroll through the Hotel del. The girls told Ben stories about the hotel being haunted, so he asked us a million times if there were really ghosts there....I think he was afraid to go inside...

On our last day, we drove out to Chula Vista to visit with some special friends. Our friend and his wife are pastors at Easlake Community Church. We've known them for several years, when we were part-time staff with them at another church (before this one started). Their influence made a huge impact on my life, and what I gained from their friendship cannot be described in words. They sort of put their arms around us, bringing us along into their ministry and including us in their family. They believed in us and loved on us in such a way as I have not found again. I pray that the Lord allows me to experience a bond like this one again...I really miss them....

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Chelle said...

What a beautiful family!!! Looks like you all had a wonderful time, and I'm sure the time with your friends was truly blessed. Glad you all had fun, and got soaked :)