Saturday, July 21, 2007

Sadness and stuff

The boys tried to go to the drag races yesterday, and it got rained out. My poor husband, he was so disappointed! I felt so bad for him - it's the beginning of his vacation, and he was looking forward to some guy stuff....They said his ticket would be good for next year, but that's not quite an adequate consolation.... :(

Then, last night, Benny was listening to his VBS CD, while I was in his room packing for our trip. A slow song came on, and he said, "I'm sad that VBS is over." I said, "You are?" He nodded, and gave me this long look. He sat down for a minute, and then ran over to me, crying, hugging me. It made me cry! It was a sweet, sad moment...

Today, we're going down to hear Amanda's youth symphony concert. It is the big concert at the end of their week-long camp. Their focus is American music this time, which will be so nice, after all the boring French music last year. They're even going to play a West Side Story medley!! It's a cool experience - she's been staying in college dorms and playing all week. There's been rehearsals, theory classes and lectures.....Her roommates were a couple of girls she has known for awhile from school and symphony, so that's been great for her. We'll be glad to have her back (Melanie most of all)!!

Last night I was reading in 1 Kings about Solomon. The guy had it all, and blew it by turning to worshipping idols at the influence of his wives. Yes, I said wives. He had 700 wives and 300 concubines!! Ahem. I think my husband might say that one is enough! HAHA!! What a different culture than our own, huh? I don't think I would have liked being one of 700 wives. I wouldn't like being one of two wives, for that matter! I'm glad it's not like that anymore! (Well, if you don't count certain people in Utah).

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Chelle said...

All those women and he still couldn't keep it together. Too many voices to listen to! HA! Different culture and time. Glad to know we aren't the only ones still falling short of the mark though...whew! Hooray for grace.