Monday, July 2, 2007


Convo 1: My family and I ate dinner out on our patio tonight. During dinner, my daughter said something about the kids she would have one day, and I said what kind of grandma I was going to be. Then, Ben said, "When I'm a Dad, I'm going to take my kids to the park every day." I asked "Well aren't you going to go to work?" Ben said "No." "How are you going to get money for your family?" I asked. "Go to the bank," he said. HAHAHAHA!!

Convo 2: Earlier today, I picked up one of Amanda's guy friends to take them to their "devos" (devotionals) they do on almost a daily basis at various coffee shops around town. They were talking about how this guy friend left a voicemail on another friend's cell phone. Here's the message: "Does it bother you that half the people we know are going to Hell?" Let that one sink in.

Convo 3: Melanie and I were driving in the car, and we were talking about moving. I said I would like to move when I finish school and get a job. She said she didn't want us to ever move, so she could bring her kids to the house someday. She said "Yeah, I could take 'em around and say, this is the hole I made and this is the thing I broke, etc., and here's my room...."

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