Friday, March 28, 2008

Spring Break

I'm on my "Spring break" right now, and I was checking out my grades from Winter quarter. I was thinking about how intense my classes have been since September. Something I didn't expect was how much studying I would need to do in my Anatomy and Physiology series. And, I can't believe I took Physics with the first quarter of A&P - INSANE. Now, it's cool to step back, after working so hard and breathe a sigh of relief and accomplishment. It just feels so GOOD to have finished all of that with success. I feel so good about myself! Since September of 2006, I have finished 15 classes (A&P lab classes included). It's been a dream of mine for a LONG time to go to college. I don't regret making mothering a priority and being there for my kids - I'm proud of that, too. Now that Benny is in school all day, it sure feels good to be doing something for ME.

And, I'm not done yet.

This Spring quarter, I will be taking Psychology 110 online. In order to keep my student loan, I needed to add 1-2 more credits, so I signed up for PE. It's cool, because we go to the YMCA and workout twice a week. Anyway, I'm on a waiting list for that class, so I'm praying I get signed in on the first day. If not, I'm taking "speed reading." HAHA! I've always wanted to learn to do that.....

Once Spring quarter is completed, I can apply for the ultrasound program. I may begin the transcript evaluation process before I am finished, just to get the ball rolling. I will also be doing a job shadow at the hospital, as well as some volunteering for extra points on my application. Every pre-requisite class I have been taking also counts for point. If I receive a 4.0, I get 4 points, etc. That's why I've been working so hard to get good grades. The better my grades, the better my standing in the application process.

If I am accepted into the program, I start in September. I will attend Fall through Summer the first year, and Fall through Spring the second year. The second year is basically "clinicals," which means I will be basically working, getting "hands-on" experience. They're going to split it up between hospital work and doctor's office work, which should be cool. It will be interesting to see what setting I enjoy most......

So, why now? Why am I going to school now? Well, first of all, so I can help my girls when they get to college. We don't feel that it is our responsibility to pay for our kids' college, but we want to help them along the way. And, I need a good job to do that. The second reason I am going to school now, is that Joe's job is never a sure thing. The airline industry can be a volatile one, even though he is in one of the most successful airlines at the present. If he somehow loses his job, I would be able to support our family with what I could make if I worked full-time. I don't plan on working full-time when I start work, because Ben will still be young. I think I will do so when he is in high school or beyond. That's the plan, anyway.

I just think it will be good that I will have the education to have a good-paying job in the future, with the economy the way it is. We have two friends with young children who are out of work, and face to lose their homes. It's scary and sad. We don't live a fancy lifestyle, but I feel blessed to have what we have. I pray that we won't see times like our friends are seeing now, but we have no way of predicting the future. All we can do is trust God, and try to prepare ourselves in the best way we can. Part of that is why I'm going to school.

It's been a great season in my life, and I look forward to the future season when I have more time for friends and extended family. Right now, it's pretty much studying and my immediate family. Everybody has different seasons, and mine is this right now. It feels pretty good!


Chelle said...

I applaud you :) Good work friend, and have fun with the upcoming classes.

Organized Chaos said...

Very proud of you, Jodi, and all your hard work!