Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Macy Mae

Last week, my husband said I could get a kitty! We looked at the shelter and at the Humane Society, but there were no kittens! I gave up on the idea for a couple of days, because I was starting to worry about what would happen with our Rat Terrier, among other things. My husband said I was thinking too much, and "everybody can think themselves out of something..." Well, on Easter Sunday, I decided to go to Macy's, because they had a sale. However, they were closed (duh, it was Easter). I called my friend to talk, and she said she would check the pet store by her house for kittens. They had one!!! I said I would come and "just look." My friend waited for me at the pet store, and well, here's the result:

Meet Macy. Notice her orange striping and orange toes on her front feet!

She looks like she had something to drink and dribbled down her chin.

It was hard to snap a picture while she was playing with her mousy. See the orange toes now?

Attacking her mouse...

Mommy? Where are you?

All of this was a surprise to our kids. You should have seen their faces when I opened up the cardboard box and lifted Macy out. They couldn't believe it! They love her so much. She has her own "room" in our laundry room, with her bed and food and litterbox. She has been doing great the first two nights, but today, she would rather not be in there. I've been letting her get out and run around with the dog put somewhere else, or holding him tightly. I have to be super careful around the dog, who starts getting this sly look in his eye when he's watching her. If I scold him with my voice, he changes his expression. The cat is not phased by the dog. She wants to run and play with him, I think. But, the fact Macy is so small (less than 8 weeks old), and that she runs so fast, is quite enticing to Diego who is bred to hunt rats. Yikes. Let's just say, I'm taking this VERY cautiously and slowly with the two of them!

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Chelle said...

What fun. And even though I don't typically like cats, that one is a cutie!