Tuesday, March 11, 2008

ER visit

Last night, Ben just couldn't hold down all of the liquid we had worked so hard to get into him. He was really lethargic and getting chapped lips, too. He was just acting odd, so I called our pediatrician for the second time that day. Since, it had been close to 48 hours of vomiting, they thought I shouldn't wait until morning, and go ahead and take him to the ER for some fluids.

What can I say about our local ER? "Ew" is an appropriate word. It's gross. It's a place to avoid. For some reason it's the place where the grossest people in our town like to come, too. Go ahead. Call me judgmental. But, if you were there, you would agree. So, we went. Ben and I sat there. Ben moaning, me praying: "Please God put a shield around me and protect me from catching something. Please let us get through quickly."

Well, the cool triage nurse, decided to "up" Ben's status because of his abdominal pain. I thanked him. He even put us in a small, back waiting room with a TV, and only a few other people. PRAISE THE LORD. This was a miracle from Heaven. They got Ben back to see the doc in fairly good time, so from start to finish, we were there about 4.5 hours. I think this is pretty good considering the amount of people there, and that we had to wait for the IV to pump fluids into Ben.

Before we left the house to come down there, I had thrown my Anatomy and Physiology flashcards in my purse, just in case. So, when Ben fell asleep with his IV, I studied. I even read his IV bag and thought about the reason for .9% Sodium Chloride. What a dedicated student I am. :) Anyway, we got home around 2:00 AM and crashed.

This morning, we're back to nausea and stomach cramping. I'm trying to push only water. Oh-did you know that Benadryl can work as an anti-nausea medication? Yeah! I learned something new - so now you know too! :) So, Ben has Benadryl and water in his tummy right now, and I hope it stays...


Chelle said...

Poor little guy! Hope he's feeling better soon, and you both get some rest.

Organized Chaos said...

I HATE the ER, too and I totally can relate to what you mean. I remember feeling the same way when we took Mckenna to the ER for her cheek. I felt like she was going to leave with a scar and a disease!

Hope Benny starts feeling better, soon!

Jodi said...

THANKS y'all!