Thursday, March 6, 2008

The Church in 10-20 years...

I recently left a comment on "Flower Dust" (see my sidebar), who asked the question: what do you think the church will look like in the next 10-20 years? Here's what I wrote:

From the conversations I’ve had with another burned out friend of mine, I think that people are going to casually attend their “conventional” church and look for authentic ways to “be” the church to those they know and live near. They will not get too involved in the “ministries” of their conventional church, because they’re disillusioned with the “system” and “institution,” and choose to reach out to others as they are led. They might also choose to “tithe” to other organizations or people or groups as they are led. I also think they will look to opening their homes to friends and acquaintances for “fellowship fulfillment,” rather than looking for that within the institution of the church, because it doesn’t seem authentic enough anymore. They would rather it happened naturally, because doing the whole “small group” thing feels fabricated and forced.

Basically, I think people who have been beat up and burned out, will stop “checking the boxes” that we’re told to check by our conventional church, because it hasn’t been working. Burned out people want real body life, not contrived. And, they don’t want the church telling them what they should or shouldn’t do. They don’t want church to be their god anymore. They want God to be their God in meaningful and authentic ways…..

*How would you answer that question?


Chelle said...

I can see that. I also see more and more churches failing to teach sound, biblical truth because they want to please the people rather than God. Basically, some will become the church in Revelation that God says he wants to spit out (yikes).

Those truly seeking Christ? They will find a place that speaks the word of God or fellowship together in homes. Besides, the church doesn't truly consist of a building anyway. :)

Jodi said...


Tom Becker said...

Jodi, I agree that the small groups are forced and contrived and feel unnatural. People will probably like you said, start there own with people not necessarily from a local church but friends they know and people from their neighborhood and jobs.

Chelle, you are right on about the churches becoming the church in revelation, I believe it is Smyrna, but not sure.

I think people seeking God and true change will get tired of the market driven church because it doesn't offer anything different or any change or challenges. People may go back to the basics, like Bible teaching, doctrine, true fellowship, and helping each other sharing what they have. Something like the church in Acts.

I don't want to be all gloom and doom but I'm concerned that with the way this country is going and religous rights being taken away little by little, the church may need to go underground so to speak. I think we will suffer persecution sooner or later. These home churches will serve us well then.

I love this question Jodi. I want to think on it and comment some more. Tom

Tom Becker said...

I know that we can watch church on TV but I know of people that do virtual church on the internet from the churches web site. You can meet in your own home with some people in Seattle and watch a service from a church in Florida. How close and cozy is that. :( Of course it would cut down on disagreements and confrontations with people. You don't have to feel guilty not doing offering when the plate is passed. You can make your own coffee and go to the bathroom whenever you want without making a disturbance.

Jodi said...

HAHA! Good one!! :)