Thursday, March 13, 2008


I felt like I needed to write a new post, so that the first thing you wouldn't see on my blog was the vomit post! HAHA!

Today, I am giving my final speech in speech class. Then, our final is on Monday. WOO HOO! I have one more test in Anatomy and Physiology tomorrow, and then our final is on Wednesday. YES! I am going to be SO glad to have the A&P series completed. Whew - I worked SO hard....Anyway, I am anticipating a 4.0 in both courses, as long as I do well on my last two A&P tests. Say a little prayer for me!

Yesterday, Ben had his first food in three days. He was ravenous. The poor kid looks like skin and bones. I told him he could eat whatever and whenever he wants.

I gave him a bath last night, and he asked me if I had ever had the chicken pox. I said yes. He asked, "then why do you have all those things on your forehead?" I responded, "Well, Ben, those are zits." :)

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