Tuesday, March 4, 2008


Sometimes there are just lots of people to pray for. I just received an email to pray for my friend's infant son who is having surgery for a hole in his diaphragm, that has allowed his organs to come through, into his thoracic cavity. They are very frightened. I also was inspired (through a blog friend) to visit a blog of a gal having brain surgery. She is married and has a toddler. Their words sound tired. I am also praying for a friend of mine to find healing from past wounds. She is tired of hurting and being stuck.

Praying for others just makes some of my stuff seem so piddly. There's so much that people are going through. I've been through some of those hard times, too, and it's been the knowledge that people were praying for me, that meant everything. In fact, when things are hard, I seek out people to pray for me. It's a great comfort.

I don't know how people go through difficult times without the Lord. I know what it's like to have no strength left to give, and no feelings of hope. When that happens, I ask Him for His supernatural strength to carry me. I tell Him I have nothing, and I ask Him to give me the strength to go on. He does. And then, he sends people to help and encourage. He even sends blog friends! :)


Tom Becker said...

Jodi, I wanted to share about my wifes breakthrough.

Recently she was feeling very tired and rundown This is normal but it was worse than usual. And she was having some stomach cramps and her period was going on about two weeks longer than it's suppose to. She was really getting discouraged and scared. The bleeding was continuing also. She finally went to see the gynecologist and he was of course asking about pregnancy and she just laughed. He even asked if there was something going on, on the side. She really laughed at that one. She said she doesn't even have time for her husband let alone another guy. Ha!

So he gave her a number of senerios and then found a pollup on her uterus and removed it right there. This was obviously what was causing her problem.

So she came home relieved and feeling better for about a day or part of it. She still felt tired, with cramps and run down. She's very much into eating healthy and taking all the vitamins and things I can't even pronounce. She decided to try echonacia by suggestion from a friend and remembering it helped before in a similar situation. When she went to a health/vitamin shop I waited in the car and she came back crying and all upset. The person in the store startled her by telling her echonacia won't help and to call her doctor right away. Well I was no help and got mad and wanted to go back in a punch the person who got her upset. Needless to say that wasn't what my wife needed from me especially since the person behind the counter was a lady. She wasn't impressed!

So we went home without my wife knowing I had asked a close friend of ours from Penn. to pray. Then my wife called another good friend (Both friends prayer warriors), from church to pray and talked about the problem. She suggested these heat patches for cramps that had helped her. Well that was what she needed, heat patches and prayer. I think prayer was the main thing though.

My wife said this has shown her to see things in a positive light. This is big for both of us because we both have a strong tendency to see the negative in things.

I just wanted to share this with you . Thanks for listening.


Chelle said...

Amen!!! The power of prayer is truly amazing! :)