Saturday, August 16, 2008

Kentridge Reunion Picnic

Today, I decided to go to an unofficial Kentridge reunion picnic for my 20th high school reunion. There weren't as many people as RSVP'd, but enough to have a really, fun time. I was surprised at how much fun I had. It made me wish that I had attended the reunion last night. I think the thing that surprised me was how everyone was so eager to talk with everyone else! It was really fun learning about what the people had done the last 20 years, and remembering a few fun things from Kentridge High School. Someone pulled out a yearbook, and we started flipping through it, and asking about this person and that. Some of the people were WAY cooler than they were in high school (I hope I am, too), and I wanted to get to know them more! One gal recently moved to our town and has boys my son's age, so we're going to get together. I even saw an old boyfriend from 9th grade - haha! My girls thought that was pretty funny, and even funnier to me, was when they thought he was hot. HAHA! Most of all, I loved the fact that everyone at the picnic was beyond high school behavior, and really wanted to have a great time socializing.

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