Monday, August 4, 2008

Silent House

This morning, I sit at my computer in a silent house.

My morning started at 7:00AM to get ready to take Amanda down to her symphony audition. At the same time, Joe arrived home to take Melanie (and Amanda's stuff) down to the church to get loaded up to leave for church camp. After he dropped Mel off, he dropped Ben off at soccer Bible day camp. After Amanda's audition, we rushed her to the church to take off for church camp. When we arrived, they had a "bus issue," so the pastor paid for all the kids' breakfasts at a restaurant down the street. I drove Amanda to the restaurant, and here I am.

I will have three hours completely to myself all week. Ahhhhh.....a mother's dream come true....

1 comment:

Irritable Mother said...

Ahhhhh is right!
I hope you have had a wonderful week! *grin*