Wednesday, August 13, 2008


I have one word to describe my kayaking trip: heavenly. The weather was absolutely perfect. I wasn't cold once. Even with wet feet. In fact, it was so warm, we waded around during our lunch break. My cottony, long-sleeved Under Armour shirt was perfect - it kept me protected from the sun and wicked away moisture. The only downside to our trip: no whales. The guide went on and on about how he had this amazing experience with the whales the day before, so I had my hopes up to see some. Nope. We saw some Dall's porpoises, a seal and a couple of bald eagles. The porpoises were close enough to see their colors and hear them shoot air through their blowholes - kinda cool. It was just fun being out there doing something I've always wanted to do! We learned some new things, and I even ate some kelp. I totally want my own kayak now. Really bad.

Me with my coffee on the ferry to Friday Harbor. Look at the gorgeous surroundings outside! I love living here (in the summers - haha)!
Joe had the camera behind me in our tandem kayak. We were just passing what's called "Lime Kiln." Back in the early 1900's, the whole island was clear cut for fuel for this huge kiln that produced concrete. It has since grown back, but all of the wildlife was lost. It's pretty much rabbits, birds and foxes. The rabbits and foxes are not native.
Here is a lighthouse we passed by...
Our lunchbreak (PowerBar, trail mix and fruit break for us!) Whew - it was good to rest the old arms and pee....
Joe's self-portrait during our time of floating around as a group to wait for some whales.
After our trip, we took at taxi to a B&B on the island. We were SO tired, we showered, watched a little of the Olympics and fell asleep. Hard. What a great day!

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Chelle said...

what great pics! Looks like you had a wonderful time, hooray :)

Thanks for the advice on my blog, you and I, we think a lot alike it seems. I totally appreciate your words of wisdom!!!