Sunday, August 10, 2008

Kayaking tomorrow

So, my dumb water shoes didn't arrive in time. We had to go out this evening and find some more. I found some pink and black Speedo ones that aren't too bad. I also got some sporty capris that will keep me a little bit waterproofed from water spray, as well as a long-sleeved Under Armor t-shirt to keep me drier, too. We found Joe some cheap water shoes, too.

You can tell the differences between my husband and I, as we get ready for this kayaking trip. I have read all the pertinent information on the website - my husband has read zero. I want to talk about the recommended list of items, such as gloves and he doesn't thing he needs gloves. I told him about the specific list of their recommended items - he says he'll read it tonight (we leave in the morning). I printed him the list. I also printed the ferry schedule, and the important information about where to meet the guides when we get off the ferry.

I think I'm a planner and a preparer. My husband would rather think about the fun and just doing it, rather than planning ahead of time. I, on the other hand, want to plan everything out, so that I can just relax and enjoy my trip, rather than being bummed for having forgotten something important. If I know I've thought of all the details and prepared for them ahead of time, it makes feel better. He feels better NOT thinking about these things.

When we go camping, I have a handy dandy list of things to bring that I print out ahead of time. I also have a list of camping meals with an accompanying grocery list. He doesn't say much about my lists, but when I leave it out on my kitchen counter, I notice that he is checking things off, so it must be useful to him.

Anyway, we're leaving tomorrow and I will have everything I need and I will have FUN!!

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