Saturday, February 28, 2009

Ultrasound Conference

Are you ever doing something and you start thinking about writing about it later on your blog? Today, I was at an ultrasound conference and was thinking about just that.

I was sitting there enjoying some herbal tea and fascinated by watching a presentation on hernias. I don't think I ever would have thought that hernias would be so interesting, but today they were. We watched a video of a real-time sonogram showing how to detect hernias. I got some really good information! We also heard presentations on pelvis abnormalities (adenomyosis, ectopic pregnanies, etc.), medical legal issues, preventing spread of infection, pre-natal echocardiography and pre-natal testing for birth defects and developmental abnormalities.

It was very cool for me, as a student, entering into this sonography world for a day. I realized that the terminology we are being taught is really spoken in real life - AND I actually understood it! I also got the chance to see some of the gals who allowed me to observe in their imaging center before I got accepted into my program. They remembered me, which felt nice, and we got a chance to talk about the program and how it is going. I also met some other sonographers who gave us some tips and tricks of the trade, so to speak.

All in all, I really enjoyed myself and am so excited about this field!

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