Monday, February 23, 2009

Amanda's audition

Spokane was great. Our flight was only 50 minutes, and when we arrived there was snow piled up everywhere - they must have gotten a LOT of snow! We got a rental car and drove to our hotel, which left a lot to be desired. Plus, they didn't give us the right room, so we shared a bed. Oh well - Amanda doesn't snore. :) We went out to dinner, and poked around Target before heading back to the hotel to study a little bit.

The next afternoon was Amanda's audition. We killed some time getting coffee and shopping before heading over to the college. I did not go into Amanda's audition with her, but she was very pleased and proud of herself when she finished!! Yay Amanda!!

We drove around the Whitworth campus and she showed me where everything was (she and Joe toured the campus back on October). It's a nice, small campus with wonderful students. Amanda wants to go there so badly....

I am praying for Amanda to receive a hefty, if not a full ride scholarship there. We have not been able to save for her college tuition, and since she wants to become a teacher, I'm sure it's a good idea for her not to have gigantic student loans to pay back. I have seen God lead her to this school in so many ways, and I believe that it is His desire that she attend there. So, I have to believe that He is going to provide for her. It's what I am asking Him for.....

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