Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Real Quick

OK. Real quick. Every day except Tuesday this week I've had a test. I nailed my lab practical today. YES! Tomorrow is my last Physics exam. Not super high hopes there. Then, Friday is my big A&P final! I think I will do well. I try not to have too much confidence - just study my butt off and trust God for the rest. Then, thank Him for the good grades. :)

Amanda is driving now! She went on her first solo drive this morning to her "devos" group at Starbucks. The Lord's going to be hearing lots of quickie prayers from me every time she goes out the door.

Melanie is at her first gymnastics meet tonight. Her dad went to see her. She is doing a beam routine. With Ben in AWANA on the same night as her meets, Joe and I are going to tag team it if it's an away meet (like tonight). I'm kind of sad to miss the first one, though. :(

Ben is going to be tested for the "highly capable" program in our school district. His teacher wanted me to apply. If accepted, he will be bussed one day a week to a special enrichment program. He is reading incredibly well, and is progressing rapidly. It's interesting to see. He grasps things so fast. That kid can memorize verses so quick, it's incredible. He is zipping through his AWANA book.

I hope it doesn't sound like I'm a bragging parent. I just truly marvel at my kids' accomplishments. It's cool to be a mom and see these people that came out of you, and now they can do all of these things you never did, and become things you never will. Too amazing.

Anyway, I can't WAIT for Friday!!! I am already planning the friends I get to invite for a latte.....

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Chelle said...

Good luck on the rest of your tests, though I know you will do well. Bragging on your kids? Aren't parents supposed to do that?!?! Hooray for all 3 of them!