Saturday, December 1, 2007

Ben's Plans and Thoughts

The other day, Ben said that he has a plan for when he is a Dad. He says that everyday at 4:00, he is going to take his children to the park.

He also wonders why there are earthquakes, and what happens to make them.

He also wants to know why the people on the other side of the Earth aren't upside-down.

And, why doesn't the Earth ever turn (rotate) the other way?

How does Santa get in if all the windows and doors are locked? (We don't have a fireplace).

If we're out shopping together, and I see something I want to buy for him, I can just buy it, and he will pretend it is a surprise when he opens it on Christmas.


Chelle said...

Give him a hug for me. How adorable is he? I mean, really!

Organized Chaos said...

It sounds like he and Baileigh could have some pretty enterataining conversations...we've had some similar discussions.