Sunday, December 30, 2007

Blog Colors

I changed my blog colors, since the other ones were so Christmasy. I almost hated doing it, because it means Christmas is over. I hate taking down decorations, too. I try to leave them up as long as possible. The Christmas decorations are still up in my house. I got a fake tree, so I could put one up right after Thanksgiving, and leave it up after New Year's.

I also leave birthday decorations up for awhile, too. Crepe paper, balloons, etc. It stays up until my husband starts asking about taking them down....

I also don't put away my suitcase after a vacation. It stays there, with stuff in it-until, once again, my husband starts asking when I'm going to put it away.

I think he's used to me now, and patiently allows a certain window of time for leaving stuff out.

I guess I just want to hold on to the happy moments - the experiences, and not admit they're over......

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Chelle said...

I like the colors!!