Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Good Lookin' Kids

Now, aren't these some good-lookin' kids? These pics were taken the other day to send out with our Christmas letter. Yes, I write one of those annoying Christmas letters every year. I can't help it. I personally enjoy receiving them, thank you very much......It's the highlight of my every day in December - to find cards and pics in the mailbox. Then, we put up all of the pictures we receive on the fridge for a couple of months. I like walking by and thinking of the families, and the memories associated with them...

I had a hard time getting my kids to give me smiles instead of goofy faces. Here they are making "Surprise Snowballs." They're a simple dough cookie with surprises inside, like jelly beans and M 'n M's.....Ben even tried getting four jelly beans in one!

This is how I found Ben asleep on his bed, after all the festivities. What a loved bear, huh?


Chelle said...

A beautiful bunch indeed!!!

Organized Chaos said...

Glad to see your kitchen gets destroyed as much as mine in the cookie making process!

Of course, I was hoping we would outgrow that as the kids get older. Guess not, huh!?