Monday, December 17, 2007

My Shnoz

I was shopping today, and thinking about what a sensitive shnoz I have. I mean, I have a very sensitive smeller. There are things in this world that I can smell, that other people probably don't. And, there are things in this world that I wish I couldn't smell. Here are some:

1. People's dirty hair.
2. Dirty, nicotine-laden coat.
3. Asian food breath.
4. Sweaty feet in flip-flops.
5. Morning stink.
6. Rave hairspray
7. Cheap shaving cream
8. Old, wet, leather boots.
9. Elementary school right after lunch was served.
10. Motel carpet.

There are some wonderful smells, though. These are some of my fav's:

1. Pavement immediately after it starts raining.
2. A house after someone cooked with garlic.
3. Freshly cut pine lumber.
4. Lavender growing fresh outside.
5. Apple Jolly Rancher
6. Antique wooden furniture.
7. Drakkar cologne.
8. The smell of dirt when pulling weeds.
9. A leather Bible.
10. Presents my grandmother sent me in the mail.


Tom Becker said...

Sorry to hear you were/are sick. If I do get sick when I'm shopping I'll make sure it's at Walmart. My wife has a nose like a bllodhound like you. Her favorite line is, "what do I smell?" :(

Chelle said...

Those bad smells made me laugh, and I agree. And the good? I agree with all of those too! Whooppee! :)