Sunday, March 22, 2009

I'm alive

Well, I'm alive. I'm completely spent, but still breathing. I completed all of my exams last week, and topped it off with volunteering at our church's youth conference ("Sold Out") on Saturday morning, followed by a family birthday party.

The good news is, is that I received A's for all of my final exams, and my final grades for all of my classes are above 92%. I am so proud of myself.

I am also SO very tired, and SO wanting Spring Break. However, I have to spend the first two days of it doing Physics Review to prepare for our Physics registry exam. We elected to do this as a class, and I guess it will pay off, but I am SO not wanting to go back there right now.....

I bought some comfy new active wear so at least I can feel cute and cozy while doing Physics tomorrow...a new outfit always helps things, right? :)


Shannon said...

Yeah Jodi!!!!! I'm so happy for you!!! Hope you have a great break. I'm still praying for you!

Lots of love!

Jodi said...

Thank you Shannon!!! :)