Monday, November 19, 2007

Thanksgiving Plans

It's been interesting to talk with people about their Thanksgiving plans. This one gal I spoke with is hanging out with family outdoors in tents, smoking their turkeys and drinking beers. Another guy said they deep fry their turkey. Another soaks their turkey in brine overnight and cooks it.


We're going to Old Country Buffet, baby!! We've talked about it in the past, and this year we're doin' it. I hope there's not a long wait, but I don't care. If I was cooking, I would have sore feet from walking/standing in my kitchen for hours. And, I'm sure we won't be waiting THAT long. The only thing I will probably miss is the leftovers we eat off of for the next few days after Thanksgiving. It's kind of fun, and the food always tastes so good the second and third time around.

It is our tradition to see a movie as a family, too, so we're going to see "Bee Movie." I'm looking forward to being with my husband and my kids after all of this hard work since school started. We need this.


Chelle said...

That sounds like a plan, no slaving over the food, and even better, no clean up! Smart girl you are, very smart :) We're invading my aunt's house and letting her care for us. how nice of us huh?

Tom Becker said...

We usually get together with my sister-in-law and her husband but this year we're getting together with good friends.
I have to laugh, my wife is all for not slaving over the stove, (I don't get that) but she would never in a million years agree to go to a restaurant for Thanksgiving dinner, much less, her least favorite one of all, O.C.B.
My kids want to see the BeeMovie. They like Seinfeld. (So do I)

Have a great time!

Growing up our family tradition was to leave my Mother to slave over the stove while my Dad, my brother, and me would go for a hike in the woods. Eventually my Uncle and cousins joined us and years later it turned into a church youth group event. Of course we then came home and watched football.

Rochelle said...

Good for you! Bucking the tradition every now and then is certainly not a bad thing. And if it will save your sanity, it's even better!