Saturday, November 10, 2007

Some things I didn't have time to mention before...

Yeah. So, here's a few:

1. Ben was dared to cut his hair with his scissors at school. He did it. He cut a hunk out of the very front. And, I never even noticed. I had seen Ben when he got home from school, and for a few hours before I went to class, but I never noticed it. Joe had him confess to me when I got home from class that night. Apparently, Joe noticed it and Ben initially lied to him about it. Then, he fessed up and Joe made him tell me when I got home. It was hard not to laugh.

2. A couple of weeks ago, I was the first car to arrive on the scene of an accident. The two cars involved were sitting in the middling of the road. As I attempted to squeeze by, I rolled down my window to ask the gal inside if she was OK, and if she had called 911 yet. She was upset, and I noticed her two little ones in the backseat crying. Once I saw her kids, I had no choice. I had to stop. I pulled over to a safe spot, and ran back to the mom. I called 911 and helped her get her kids out and went to the side of the road. She borrowed my phone to call a friend, and I waited with her until help came. It felt good to help.

3. I got a 98 on my first lab practical. I only missed one!! I won't mention what I got on my last Physics test. Let's just say the teacher lets us throw out a test with lowest score, and that one's the one. Somehow, I still have a B in the class. That means I must do well on the next two tests. We'll see about that.

4. The play "To Kill A Mockingbird" was great. The artistic interpretation of the set design was fabulous. Most of the actors were superb. A couple of the children did not project well, so that was annoying. Overall, I thought that the pace of the play was too fast. I realize it is important to keep up the pace so things don't drag, but there were certain meaningful and dramatic parts that were lost, due to the pace. That was somewhat disappointing to me. But, it was fun to get out to a play and be downtown. It looks like that theater will be showing "The Diary of Anne Frank" next year, so we will go see that, for sure.....

5. Did I ever mention that I never finished reading my Bible in 90 days? Nope. Wanted to, but didn't. I almost got through the Old Testament, though. Maybe next summer, I'll just start where I left off before.

6. Melanie started gymnastics last week. She's been exhausted, but is enjoying it.

7. Amanda will be testing soon to get her license. With the extra practice, she is driving very well now. We need to teach her to parallel park in the truck, and then she can do the test. We're letting her test in the truck because it's automatic. After that, the stick is what she will mostly drive. She's been getting spoiled driving the truck, but we thought it was best for her to gain confidence in that first. Did I ever mention that I can't WAIT for her to drive?!?! I am so SICK of driving kids places, it's not even funny. Joe and I will sometimes leave at the same time - one person picks up one kid, and the other person picks up the other. It's INSANE. So, I can't WAIT until I can send Amanda to pick up Melanie, or she can drive herSELF. Oh HAPPY DAY!!!


Chelle said...

Love the story about the haircut. If it looked goofy, that was probably enough punishment! HA. Glad you were on the scene to help out and calm the lady down. Hope you are doing well :)

Rochelle said...

You sound like one busy mom! Kudos on the test. I can't imagine going back to school now. I admire your spirit and determination. I had to laugh about your last comment. I'm sick of driving my kids around, and their only 4 and almost 2. Guess I have a long way to go! Let's pray for patience for me.