Monday, November 26, 2007


Sometimes I spend time on my blog when I "should" be doing other things. Why do I do that to myself? "Should" on myself. HAHA. I just made that up, and it sounds really funny. "Should" on myself. If you put in another word instead of "should," I think it would mean the same thing, don't you think?

Anyway, I should be studying, especially since our lab was cancelled today, and it gives me an extra two hours. Eh.

I do have to mention that last night, I got a lot of shopping done. Both at the store, and online. I'm so happy. I feel like I have made some good Christmas progress, and it's not even December yet. I even got in on some free shipping deals. Cool! I even spent some time with the kids, and played a game with my son. :)

When I was out shopping, I saw an old friend from my old church. She wasn't super chatty, but seemed more like she was trying to act interested. Oh well. I felt like I was appearing quite unfriendly, because I have been having a lot of TMJ (jaw) problems, and was actually trying to save my jaw by not smiling too much. I felt so bad, I apologized and explained why I wasn't trying to be smiley. My pain was so bad this weekend. No matter what I did, I couldn't get on top of the pain. I just had to wait it out for three days. One night it was keeping me awake. I think I'm going to need to do something about this in the near future. I'll probably have to get braces or something. I already get enough comments about how young I look, and this is going to make it ten times worse......I'm starting to get wrinkles around my eyes now, though, so maybe the braces will bring the attention off of that. :) HAHA!

See ya. Gotta stop "wasting" time. Go have some fun while I'm "shoulding" on myself. :)


Chelle said...

"shoulding myself," you are one crazy girl. I think all the classes have finally gotten to you. HA! Take those breaks, it's good for the sanity...and hope your jaw is better now! That does not sound fun at all.

Jodi said...

No it isn't. It can be like a migraine on the side of my face.

Tom Becker said...

Jodi, chances are the person from your old church, wasn't interested in what you had to say. They usually never are once you leave.
Sorry to hear about your jaw. Sounds painful. :(

Jodi said...

Yeah. It's interesting how that works. It's like being in a club. As long as you are a "member", and are contributing in some way, you're considered a "friend." When you leave the club, you're not given another thought, no matter who considered you a friend before, or how much you did. It's assumed that there must have been something wrong with YOU, for leaving their wonderful club.

Isn't it supposed to be that, no matter where you choose to go to a Bible-believing church, we all BELONG to the body of Christ as a WHOLE? I guess the people who don't think this way, haven't read that part in the Bible!