Saturday, October 13, 2007

Physics Angel

I have been immersed in studying these last couple of weeks. Physics has been a real challenge for me. We got to our second chapter, and it's a bunch of story problems dealing with one-dimensional kinematics. We had to learn how to find out the given information and decide what information we're supposed to find, using four kinematics equations. If what I just said just flew right over your head, don't worry. That's what it's been doing to me!! I've cried to my teacher, cried to another student and threw an adult temper tantrum with my husband over it. I was sure that I was stupid, would never pass the class, and never become a sonographer.

Finally, though, I found an older gentleman in the college's tutoring center named Doug. I am convinced that Doug is an angel sent by God. (hee hee) He sat with me for two stinkin' hours, slowly working me through a couple of problems to help me discover how I needed to think and handle these problems. Somehow, a veil has been lifted. So much so, that the prophecy I proclaimed to my instructor that I would be failing the first test, did not come true. In fact, I took that dang test last Thursday and felt really good about it. I chalk it all up to God, and my Physics angel.......

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