Tuesday, October 2, 2007


Mmmm...I just polished off the last of several chocolate-covered gummy bears. Who would not love these? The chocolate starts melting in your mouth immediately, while you get the pleasure of chewing the gummy part. Mmmmm...

I'm feeling rather good about myself right now! I got 22 out of 24 on my first Anatomy/Physiology quiz!! I have been a studying FOOL in this class, so the payoff feels GOOOD!!

Physics is weird. I wasn't sure how much of the textbook I was actually supposed to read, but it seems like I need to be reading it well, because the last lecture was like listening to someone speak Chinese, and hoping I would catch on to something soon....I hope this gets better....I really don't want another class where it's a struggle the entire time....

I went out to lunch with a good friend yesterday. Maybe you've heard me talk about my lamb-now-sheep friend....She's doing well, but struggling with health and faith issues. She thinks she needs more faith for her healing. I said that it's not about more faith, but WHO your faith is in. Otherwise, it's relying on yourself to muster up what you think is enough faith to qualify for getting something from God.

It seems to be popular "theology" to treat God like some kind of vending machine, where if you put enough "faith" in the slot, you get what you want. It scares me. This is just me, but I think it's up to God what He does, even if it's healing us. We just need to wait on Him and trust Him that He knows. It's not an easy feat, this waiting on God for something need, like healing. It's not easy to understand why bad things happen, or things are difficult for us. Wouldn't it just be easier if we were all happy, all the time? The harder truth is: the Bible doesn't say anywhere, that once you become a Christian, everything is going to be great in life. Sometimes, there is still suffering and hard times. But, the difference is we have God with us in it and through it. He promises to never leave us. And, this is life is but a blink of an eye compared to the awesome eternity awaiting us with Him!! Praise God!


Chelle said...

Amen sister! Funny how folks confuse eternal life for "easy life." Never understood how that exchange happened. Glad you are there to encourage your friend.

Chocolate covered gumy bears? I have never heard of such a thing!

Everyone's crazy... said...

I totally appreciate and completely understand your sentiment here. There's no question that when I grow closest in my faith is when I quit trying to be enough or do enough or have enough faith. When I am weak enough for God's strength to be made whole in me.

Thank you for your writing.