Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Make a Comment!

Hi to all who read this post! Since I am new to blogging, I realized that I needed to enable you all to make comments without registering as a blogger. At the bottom-right of each post is an underlined comment tally (it will read "0 comments" if there aren't any). Click on that to leave a comment or read others' comments. You should now be able to leave a comment "anonymously." If you choose the "anonymous" button, go ahead and sign your first name to the comment so I know who you are (unless, of course, you really want to remain anonymous!).....In fact, for fun's sake, try it out! Leave me a comment, so I know who reads this blog! Thanks. :)


Organized Chaos said...

I dont' know whether I should be happy or sad for you that you have entered the world of blogging. Do I want to support a friend's addiction? Sorry if I've been a bad influence.

Anonymous said...

John checking in.