Saturday, January 20, 2007


In my profile, it mentions that I started back to college, which happened Fall Quarter. I completed Math 60 (yes, I had to start low) and Medical Terminology. I was very scared about taking math, as it was not my best subject in high school. The first test I took, I got an 86. Yet, every test I got back after that was 100 to 103!! I would laugh to myself about it, because it was such a pleasant surprise...

Now it's Winter Quarter. I'm taking Math 98, English 101 (online), and Chemistry 100. It's a little crazy of me to be taking three classes, I know. But, I am determined to knock out these pre-requisites for the sonography program as soon as possible. The sooner I get these done, the sooner I can apply to the program. I will be finished with the pre-req's by Winter of next school year, and then I can apply to the program which starts the Fall of 2008. From there, the program is seven quarters (not quite a full two years).

Anyway, I'm two and a half weeks into Winter Quarter, and with the school closures, having my kids around has put a damper on my studies!! Now that we're back in a routine, things are better. My new math professor is an absolute BORE, but I am really enjoying my Chem teacher. The online class I'm not sure about. Not sure I'll do this again. It's just different. I'm doing well so far, but there is an evaluation essay (rough draft) due on Monday, so we'll see....

I try to make things as smooth as possible for my family. I take Ben to the bus, and head off to math class Mon-Fri for 50 minutes. Then, I come home and study while there are no kids in the house. Twice a week, I go to my Chem class from 2-4:30. The first day of that class, Joe has been off, so he handles all the stuff. The second day, the girls get home from school early, so they man the fort until I get back. I've tried to make that day crock pot day....So, for the most, it's working out really well.

I just keep my eye on the prize - imagining myself in scrubs doing ultrasounds....I can't wait!!

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